Logtar Hits It!

Congratz to Logtar for hitting level 80 in Violet Hold lastnight! Seems like just yesterday I was gratzing him on 70. Time Flys. Now it’s my turn to hit it. AK (AutumnKnight) is 75% thru 78 and will hit 79 TONIGHT dammit (Janet). Ordur (Tyiako’s healer) hit 76 last night and I cannot, will not be passed up by a Dwarf. Depending on my help, I expect to be 80 by Friday….or sooner. Then I can start doing Heroics and catching up on Reputation, Professions, cashing in my PvP points for PvP gear, plead with others to do Arena wit me, Heal half the server…ya know…just like I did at 70.

Tonight is the Guilds second Naxx attempt and hopefully they will get farther than last week and also be patient with eachother. For some (NOT ALL) they are getting anxious as some ZOOMED to level 80 and have been waiting for others to catch up, in the mean time they get bored or frustrated with the tempo Old School has and start to look elsewhere for a Guild Home. I’ve always and will continue to state my mantra of “Your Dime, Your Time” coupled with the “Do what makes you happy”. We have people come and go and to those who have been around since near the beginning I salute you! I know it’s hard at times when your goals and aspirations for end game content and gear seem too far away with this type of guild but with the changes Blizzard has implemented I believe we will see it all. Just be patient.  What pisses me off is when people leave without saying a word to me or the other officers, they simply /gquit. I don’t give a poop about those who never log in or are the proverbial wall flowers and quit, it’s the ones we went thru Kara with, the ones who we met when they were at STV and needed help with the bothersome Horde. The ones we loaned gold and TIME to…the ones we thought were ‘Loyal’ (Yes I know it’s a loose and relative term) and for some strange reason thought would stick around with their friends and in some cases, family til the very end of their playing WoW.  Those people, no matter the reasons they chose to leave (besides quitting the game..but rather wanting the ‘PHAT LOOTZ’) seems fucked up to me. I don’t believe I’m alone in this feeling. 

For me, as the GM of Old School I try and appease as much as I can and do so, for the most part very willingly as we’ve ‘grown’ together in levels and in vent. I know I cannot please everyone and know it’s impossible to think that. I’m growing as a Guild Leader and take leads from certain members of the guild and expand on their individual nuances, i.e. Logtar’s ability to PUG it and make lasting friendships or Pathe’s ability to simply be cool in every situation Fubar or otherwise.

The Old School is growing and with that growth I will need to focus more on not only my ability and knowledge of the game but to communicate with everyone much more clear and concise. Please do not hesitate to give me a PST or email or group with me in game. I try and be fair in all cases and listen to both sides. I would like each member to continue being respectful to each other and do not condescend or belittle those who are not yet at your level or gear prepared. TOSA is based on the principles of mutual respect and friendship NOT elitism and the idea that you are better than others in the aspects of WoW…I will give verbal warnings to those who do not follow that ideal and if it continues I wish you the best of luck in WoW in another guild. This applies to ALL members from the lowest rank to each and every “Council Member”.  

With that…I will see you all online!  Good Luck Tonight!




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11 responses to “Logtar Hits It!

  1. Congrats Log! ^_^

    Wish I could stick with one game (or toon) as long as you guys do.
    Maybe if someone would, IDK, Mentor me at a set time each week?

  2. Let me know what evenings are best for you and I’ll see what I can do.

  3. I can sit here looking at the picture for hours…..

  4. I’m pretty open up every evening this semester, Weekends would probly be better. Least a couple hours a week (preferbly same day each week) is all I ask. Someone who can pull together groups for 64 warlock. Show me where I should be going. Maybe help me get epic mount at maradon? ya know mentoring stuffs. ^_^

  5. PS. you remember kcgeek is my pally alt?
    also have Ranger alt that not in guild yet, named Squidbilly

  6. Let’s shoot for 2-4 hours Sunday mornings? I’m usually up around 8-9 am. I would do Sat but my daughter has basketball games. Let me know

  7. 9am??? thats evil.. >_<

    Sigh, I doo need to start waking up early.
    Will give it a shot this Sunday.

    Thank you. ^_^

  8. Hitting 80 was a lot more enjoyable than hitting 70 and having everyone weeks later leave me behind for 80. I am looking forward to raiding and getting woo7 gear. We soon will have enough for 25 man raids and Naxx seemed to go well last night! now lets get you to 80 tonight!

  9. Ok Wookie,
    it’s 9am sunday morning.
    what timezone you living in???

  10. Hey gratz on 80 for AK yourself dude!

  11. Sorry Max, had a late evening– but we DID get you your Epic Mount!!!!

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