Expanding My Worth

(Above is my all time favorite sculpture by Mikey Angelo)

My background consists of years of drawing. My fathers art studio in the basement of our tiny little house on Pinkney street I spent hours and days and weeks drawing anything I could think of, find, copy. I had access to the original media of art and design, markers, paints ; oils, acryllic, water color, air brush as well as loads and loads of ruby lift and templates. I grew up with one of my best friends whose drawing ability and pure talent made my stuff look like shit, James Widmark. He is famous in Omaha and in some circles in the late 1990’s as he made his own comic book line and had James O’Barr (Creator of The CROW)– do his cover for him. My father was my inspiration to get into art and James Widmark was the driving force for me to do better as a burgeoning artist. James Widmark passed away a few years ago from asthma, untimely and tragic. As I grew up I kept drawing but never thought much of it as a career as my interests varied from Astronomy in HS to Pre Law to Russian History Major in College. Coming back to my roots of drawing and design I came in just at the time of Apple and the “Desktop Publishing” era. I coupled my experience with traditional media of Illustration with Adobe Products. 

I became very efficient with Photoshop, Illustrator during the 1990’s and taught Photoshop classes at Longview College. Then, ONE day (not really…) I realized my skills were being slowly antiquated with the explosion of the internet software – i.e. FLASH, Video and Music. Media I never really paid attention to…why would I since I knew the in’s and out’s of nearly ALL aspects of printing– screenprint, offset, dry offset, flexographic, embroidery… I knew in the back of my ego driven heart that I was being left behind. Niche is key for success in this market of design and illustration and in most fields. 

It’s nice being in this field for it’s ability to challenge oneself when you want to be. A passive aggressive design field where only the ambitious make a name and certain level of income. I was dead to the world in the last career move where I was grinding to the sound of 25 days of ‘Production’ work and maybe 5 days worth of creative. I started out with my initial 4 years of employment full of excitement and not being content then before I knew it that creative wanton lust was lost to the sense of security one can get being at a job over 5 years. Saying I was content would be a stretch. My outlets for creativity was Freelance work and certain clients who would let me have full reign of design. 

Currently I am given the wonderful opportunity to work in some new media and I am taking it all in with deep breaths. Video, Flash, Animation are all relatively new to me and I love the chance to delve into new stuff.  I roll with the wave. Deadlines and all.


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