Happy Birthday Blog



Jan 19th of last year I started this blog, so I’m a little late with wishing it a Happy One Year Anniversary. I went and read/skimmed over the past years posts and am ok with the content and its writing style, not great nor bad. Meh. Seemed to go by fast. I’ve been online posting and writing for over 10 years just not in Blog forms but mostly forums….all types of forums from games SWG to WoW, Local Topic Sites, BBS,KC Singles where my writing captured the attention of my wife and various randoms like dealmac.com. 

Happy Annie! Old School Blog!

I finally hit level 80 this weekend! I could have leveled faster and been more active but with the release in November with me in Orlando then in Atlantic City in December slowed my progression and focus. We all have our own pace. Last night I ran my first Heroic (Healing) with Jeffvysok and the rest were Pugs, we did Nexus and I got 3 achievements on the run; 50+ Stonekeepers, 1+ Emblom of Heroic (msp) and the Finish of Nexus on Heroic – and upped my Spell Power +200 with this lovely piece of equipment! War Mace of Unrequited Love (how is that for being virtuous and sexy at the same time?) I also got one more AP with 10 Dalaran Cooking Rewards– my AP’s are here.  So it was a quick and fun evening.


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