Naxx, Pilton & a new Guild Masta!

WoW Gods Willing– I will attend our guild run of Naxx (3rd week) where I can heal our members with my now 6 second delay CoH! Thanks Mr. Patch!!!  Healing as a Priest has always been semi- challenging, not so much solo play or under played instances but the upper ones where the run depends just as much on you as it does the tank. Last year (ironically) we were doing our first FULL guild runs of Kara. Yes, we tend to be behind 6-9 months progression as every other server but Azshara is our home…..

So, I’m a bit nervous to heal as I was a year ago with Kara. Ya see, a lot of our guild members are itching to get that gear and if we are not successful in a short amount of time I can see a small exodus. I don’t like those. They happen, but I don’t have to like them and as the guild leader I feel responsible, as any leader should. I know I can’t nip all issues in the bud and this is a major one that is dependent almost fully on ones attitude and patience. Let’s hope we can all stay together and use Naxx as a platform to hone our skills and become one with the FORCE.

Last night I bought Haris Pilton’s GIGANTIQUE bag for $1200.00 Gold. It holds 22 items. I got the Achievement, the bag and a wink from Haris– here are my recent AP’s .  While I got a few comments how I was crazy, stupid, dumb, wasteful for spending $1200 on a bag I see it as an achievement. I could afford it. I earn it. Making money in WoW is like anything else, you just have to spend some time doing it and make smart decisions. I sell bags, mats, loot almost every day with Pinkney my bank alt. I also hoard items in other bank accounts and watch the Auction House market to make my killing. So, yeah I could have spent $1200 on something more value based but I chose to get on the good side of Haris…and if and when I feel the need to get another 1200 gold bag I will! My next big ticket purchase is the Mammoth Mount for 18,000 gold. I predict I will have that in about 90 days….according to my calculations….lolz.

yeah....three young nubile ladies playing WoW and needing gold....

yeah....three young nubile ladies playing WoW and needing gold....

I plan on making AK the Guild Master tonight or this weekend, whichever comes first, makes little sense that WookieLuv is only 71 and not attended to like AK is…..I hope to transfer of power is a peaceful one, this is my tribute of the Bush and Obama. 


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