Guild Meeting Feb 6th @ 9 p.m.

Please try and attend our monthly guild meeting set for Feb 6th, 2009 @ 9 p.m. Server Time. I want you all to be in Vent and at the Beer Garden in Dalaran. If you are under a certain level but DO have WOTLK we will summon you. If you do not have WOTLK you must be in vent. Don’t have it? Go get it, it’s free. No excuses. I don’t expect you to go and buy a Mic, but I expect you to make the effort to listen to what will be discussed. 

If you are unable to go– here is a quick brief;

  • Naxx   what it will take to get this instance on farm and get you geared to go.
  • Goals of the guild, do we want to be more casual or raid like or continue with the combo.
  • Promotions (any promotions will happen at this time)
  • Guild Bank (push for the final tab – need 5k g)
  • Player of the Month #2 (Council and COS please Pst me your votes)
  • Add Ons (mandatory and non-mandatory)
  • Schedules (using Group Calendar & the WoW Calendar)
  • Set Raid Times
  • Recruiting

Among these topics I want to delegate certain Class Leaders, meaning “named” members who will be the point person for these type of events/leadership.

  • PvP Leader; one who will organize World PvP and Battleground events. Must be proven leader and the ability to organize said events AND a History of PvP experience but mature enough to listen to others advice and take it in. A new Title would be created
  • Instance Raid Leaders; specific members who can lead the 80+ Raids Naxx and beyond. A new Title would be created.
  • Experienced PvE leader– one to help others with content, learning the locations, reputations, the whose who of WoW Knowledge and the ability to deal with all types of personalities. A new Title would be created.
  • Recruitment Officer– must be GOOD Judge of Character for the guild. Will lead the drive in forum advertisements on the Forums, in Trade Channel/Guild Recruitment. A new Title would be created.
  • Event Coordinator– Schedule Raids, Parties, Meetings, – works closely with the Other Leads. Highly organized. 

If we can fill these spots it would be fantastic in a sense that the burden of running a guild not just by me but the other officers will make the guild that much better experience for all. Less distraction, more focus on fun and what we want to do in game.  If ANY of you are interested in the positions please contact me here in the comments section or in game. I will most likely have to reorganize the ranks again but it is also for the better. 

See you all this weekend. Have a good one.



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3 responses to “Guild Meeting Feb 6th @ 9 p.m.

  1. I think having specific officers with responsibilities will be good for the guild, and for you.

    Are you reinstating the “Drunkard” title? I imagine competition would be fiercer for that than some of the others 😉

  2. I’d say we do have some heavy drinkers in this guild, more so than I’ve had in the past.

  3. Crap I just realized this is Friday. My brother comes over for BSG and dinner on Fridays.

    If I can get on I will, but for now it looks doubtful.

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