Goodbye Friends

As with any guild where you meet strangers who become friends things change. This week we had several players leave for various reasons; raid oriented, not getting along with other members, attitudes, elitism on their part and basic shit that happens over time. It’s expected. I’ve been around this MMO block a few times to know that things change, however some of these members that left I didn’t see it coming. I expected at the very minimal a pst/tell talking to me to let me know why or keep in touch or a basic common denominator of respect vs. simply leaving with NO explanation. Of those that left only ONE did…but even that was after the fact. The others I had to contact and hear the various stories and half ass explanations. Be true and honest.  Is that so hard to do? I’m certainly not unapproachable and am very fair and honest, especially with those who have been in this guild longer than 6 months. Respect, it seems is a losing ideal when it comes to the gaming world. 

I was asked by several current members ‘why’? The explanation can only be answered by those that left, not me paraphrasing. Comes down to their own choices of who they want to hang with and the goals in game. Speaking only for myself the goal of my guild is friends first, loot second. I am mature enough to know that a fictional piece of loot is nothing compared to friendship. I try and recruit members who are not only ambitious and friendly but able to separate themselves from the lure of greener grass. I play for my personal achievement but without friends and their mutual respect it’s nothing. Nada. 

I don’t have any plans on changing the guild and what my vision is for it. Friends, respect and fun. WOOT!



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5 responses to “Goodbye Friends

  1. You have been doing this for a lot longer than I have, so you probably have seen it all. I thought we had a good thing going, but to each their own. This game is supposed to be fun… hence the word game, so if it was not fun for them good riddance.

    I worked at a faster pace than I like to be OT, and then boom, 6 of our high people pack up and leave… I am still a little in the WTH stage.

    We still have 30 some 80s that are getting geared up. We will see all the content, maybe it will take a little longer, but at least we are with a bunch for friends that communicate rather than talking on tells about the issues that were IMNSHO mostly just misconceptions.

    I think we have some excellent up and coming CASUAL raiders that will make exploring the new content tons of fun! That and our sister guild already running Naxx will provide us with plenty of groups that are not pugs. I would take wiping with a friend over being dragged through a instance with a bunch of pugs any day. Bad pugs make kittens cry.

  2. Log just told me the news man. I understand people have different goals in the game, just like life. I was shocked tho, when I saw the list of people we lost, that none of em talked to you.

    I dunno, I should probably digest the news more before I continue.

  3. Nuke– the latest is Phrozen and their new guild called “The Elite Few” are actively recruiting our current members….slackers. LOL

  4. Very disappointed to hear of the business with phrozen.

    Whilst I’m not with you guys, it’s still dismaying.


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