Daaaang It’s Nice Outside!

Being in the midwest for seasons is like going to a LUBY’s Buffet. You see lot’s of choices and know whats to come but are still surprised when it does. Like this morning (and last night). 46*F doesn’t seem warm but it IS! Later today we will hit 70*F! It’s amazing to me how much light/weather can affect my mood…so easily am I influenced. I’m also amazed I am talking about the weather on a gaming blog…and my personal blog though I don’t share too much information… a lot of wackos’ out there. I would know.

My cool lead in about the weather, moods goes into my reaction over the past week, I’ve had a ton of vocal support with our members. Words of encouragement, words of anger and affirmations from some that they ‘ain’t leaving!  fuck them’…. Comes down to a few basic principles; no one can please everyone, there are those who think they will always be better than those around them and change. All three are tangible facts of life. Thing is the way it went down is the capper– I rack up their actions to being immature. But as this weather has made me smile all morning it’s time to move on. 

Tonight is a 25m Naxx run with a co op guild, space is limited to 5. Minimum sustained DPS is upper 1800’s and heals about the same. Specifically they are needing Shadow Priests of which I believe will be filling that spot. Speak with Moon or McTeague about the details. I can tell you we plan on going at 7:30 ST. 

I also wanted to summarize tonights guild meeting since a lot will be offline having real lives. lol.  I understand if you can’t attend and note it will now be in guild chat. I’m a fast typer.

  • Set Times for Naxx 10m – figuring out the best times for all of us to raid this instance
  • New ranks given out and demoted.
  • Q & A about what you want out of this guild. Participate. Don’t be a pussy and hold back and talk in the shadows. Grow Some.
  • Bank Organization.
  • Appointed KEY ranks to head up specific areas of the game: PvP, PvE, Events and Raid Leaders.
  • Open discussion about what happened this past week. lol
  • New Forums and website (coming soon)

Thats the basics, and I will schedule a mandatory meeting in a week or so. Hope everyone has a great weekend!




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2 responses to “Daaaang It’s Nice Outside!

  1. Ugh there is so much to talk about, I am cheesed I can’t make it. If my brother doesn’t show (not likely as it’s the only night he gets “leave”) I’ll be there.

    Now for the topics-
    Not ready for Naxx, sorry I am so frakking slow.

    Rank, I understand the need.

    What I want in the guild… less stress, more fun. I am soloing slowly but when I am on I try to talk part in /gu. There were definitely signs of some kind of shake up. I guess I want folks to get involved and not sit and fester.

    Appoint a bank cleaner (or 2) to clear out the crap regularly. It’s a hard call sometimes but we usually have 3/4 of the tabbs FULL.

    Roles for board members, good idea.

    Ugh, every time I look at that list on armory I ping back and forth tween bummed and pissed. I LIKED most of those people.

    Yaay for the website, any news on t-shirt?

    Not on the list, but I have a nom for POTM if we are still doing it. I’ll DM you in twitter.

  2. Colleenvysok

    I think I’ve spoke my mind quite enough to people about the issue. However, I still get knots in my stomach and start to shake when I think/read about it. *sigh* I’m managing to control my emotions though.

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