Post Guild Meeting

We had our meeting Friday Night in the Beer Garden and everyone who was online was there! Thanks for taking your time to come out and participate, we nearly maxxed out our 25 person vent  (23/25). Overall the meeting was very nice, we discussed schedules and decided to use the WoW Calendar vs. the add-on. Logtar is the designated scheduler. Moon will be working the bank, selling items and keeping it clean. We also agreed to have at the very minimum a Threat meter and use Vent for raids/heroics. You will not be invited to raids and events unless you have those two apps.

Promoted Samanda to Chief of Staff and upped a few people from New Recruits on up. I hesitate ever doing a Player of the Month again as it seems to have a Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx. The last 4 have left the guild within two-weeks of this honor. Talk about Karma in the bad way. Instead of POTM we will simply throw a party in their honor. Drinks will flow, visions blurred (and speech). 

Other than that please check and USE the WoW Calendar as we have Saturdays as NAXX night, Achievement Point runs, and daily designated Heroics. Have a good week!



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