25 Things I Love About Alo!


  1. Endless and Boundless Heart
  2. Your toes
  3. The knowing hands
  4. Curls
  5. Sense & Sensibility
  6. Sex Drive is Insatiable
  7. Quirky Smirk
  8. Intellect
  9. That Smile
  10. Singing Voice
  11. Sexy Voice
  12. Baby Voice
  13. Your cooking
  14. Being an Animal Whisperer
  15. Spirit and Spiritual Awareness
  16. Logic & Reasoning
  17. Able to play Protoss like a Pro
  18. The fact you ground up Smuggler til the very, very end in SWG.
  19. Raising 3 well rounded Children into young adults by yourself.
  20. Standing up to your Ex Husband
  21. Adventure Side
  22. Super Romantic Side
  23. Selflessness
  24. Generosity
  25. Last but NOT least your EYES

Happy Valentines Day Alo! You are my ONE.


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