Good Times!

The past couple weeks in our guild have been great! People filling vent up (we almost maxxed it a few time the past week), separate channels for the excessive chatter is awesome! We are doing old school weekly runs of Zul Gurub (for the Mount, Turtle Polymorph & Achievement), Old Dungeons just for the experience of content. We’ve run our Normal Heroics WOTLK and have a set schedule that most people sign up for courtesy of Logtar using the WoW Calendar. Some have recently re-rolled new lowbie toons and are actively running together. Several of us are pugging with our coop guilds like Relavare, Knights of Justice and others for 25m OS, Vault and topping the DPS charts while getting some damned good loot. All at our own pace. 

This Friday is Naxx 10m we will need a Main Tank (Logtar will be offline) if you know of any please let me or one of the officers know. 

Be sure to check the WoW Calendar for any events and make your OWN events and invite others to join. Our next Old School Event will be AQ 20.


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  1. Cher

    You should ask Fitzwilliam to tank. She is good & nice and i know she wants to raid. or Mcgerk he is cool

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