Hours of Fun


Vent is worth it. I spent $88.00 last year for our Vent server and it’s worth every penny. This weekend we had over 19 people at any given time on vent. Sunday morning we had over 20+, all chatting it up. Yes, I admit I’m a newB when it comes to vent and this is old news to most but within this guild it’s been a great tool for getting to know each other.  I saw several others not even playing WoW but rather would log into vent just to listen/chat. That’s saying something. (pun intended).

I made the last push (if you can call it that) for the 900 gold needed for our last bank tab which came to 5000 gold. It’s MUCH more cleaner and organized now and everyone has access (except new recruits) to this tab. I also put a hold on guild bank repairs til the funds are replenished with donations. Once it hits back over 1k I will put back repairs. I think the next focus for use besides repairs and respecs is PUSHES for Professional Caps. Meaning if someone is just under capping a particular profession we all push materials for that person(s) to hit the cap. This will only work if those willing to push, push back with the same intensity and people don’t take advantage of the contributers.

Congratz to Biegstevo for 450 Fishing, Nyghtmare for hitting 80 last week, Ygraane for getting the Hawks Strider Epic Rare Mount, Wootbeer for the Mini Phoenix Pet, Chainsawx for hitting 80 then promptly leaving the guild for the Elite Few (golf clap), Moondust got her epic Violet Hold Heroic Hunter Drop “Staff of Trickery”



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2 responses to “Hours of Fun

  1. Wow, sounds like a lot going on, gratz! When sitting at the PC for a couple hours is not gonna make my leg hurt I’ll be around more often. Till then keep kicking @$$

  2. Patrick

    бегство 😀

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