10m Vault of Archavon cleared (no pug)

After a second evening of attempts we easily won Winter’s Grasp from the ‘WHORES”. We entered the Vault of Archavon! I called up the troops and we filled up the raid within minutes…so much so we had 2 waiting in the wings. I like that. Took maybe 10 mins to get everyone there, brief description of fight; move away from falling rocks, move out of the clouds, if your a tank the MT and OT need to coordinate their rage/aggro. Simple. And on regular. Remember we are a very casual guild…

60% never went. So we wipe but barely, he had 600k left. One left due to time and the call of the bowling league. Apparently we have a slew of league bowlers…who knew. So…the best thing about this instance is 4 trash mobs 1 boss = 10 min raid…tops. 

We go back and down em! Shammy item drops and we can’t DE it. Stupid. Nefarious get’s a very nice upgrade for his Druid! We get the stones and break up into smaller group to pug up for 25m Vault– both group succeed, mine dropped the War Elephant, I rolled a 69, someone won with a 100…good times though. 



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3 responses to “10m Vault of Archavon cleared (no pug)

  1. Lilmack

    wish i could have been their, but the video makes me feel like i really am their. so it works for me ^_^

    nice job to all who went, you was all excellent 😀

  2. Talisha

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  3. Patrick

    It’s not that I’m so bitter with gamers’ envy that I can’t get over Nefarious getting the upgrade when it would have been a much more significant upgrade for me; the problem happens when I pug a 25-man soon after, the same thing drops, and one of the herd of feral druids who were there, who had a very similar item to the drop, but one step down, gets it.
    Blizzard hates me. 😦 lol

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