Late weekend post!

I had a geared up weekend in WoW- Sunday morning was invited to 25m Naxx via Bal the GM of “Order of the Templar” whom I’ve been chit chatting with a few weeks now. I gladly accepted since Sundays are usually quiet. I’ve been twice before but we usually imploded on Maexxna. However with this group is was a blast! We also attempted Patchwork and we diligently tried 6 times – one of which I screwed up as my heals were on the wrong tank. Hate Strike is a very, very, very hard hit on anyone…let me quote what it does…

Patchwerk will use this ability at a 1 second frequency on the target in melee range with the highest HP who is also one of the top three on Patchwerk’s aggro list. Cannot be used on the main tank unless there are no other targets. Does 79,000 to 81,000 raw physical damage which can mitigated by armour and parried/dodged. This is about 23,000 damage on a partially Naxxramas geared tank. This ability will add threat to the three most threatening on Patchwerk’s aggro list.

While I can heal with the best of them large slow heals are key to keeping the tanks up and running, if anyone of us misses a semi large heal let alone no crit heals then you will wipe. We moved onto a new quarter, it was a good experience though. I was lucky with some rolls and upgraded my neck, shoulders and gloves.  Sunday evening I finished up some battlegrounds and WG’s to hit the 50k Honor to cash in for some HAWT Slippers. AK is coming along nicely methinks.

One little note we took down Heigan the Unclean and anyone who has done that will know the dance. Since this was a pug some didn’t. Our tanks lived while nearly all melee wiped – luckily Hotsz was healing so it was all good. Ended up being a 19 min boss fight, good thing he had no rage timer. Here is a sample of what the fight looks like 25m style–

This week (hopefully tonight) we will run 10man Vault if we win Winters Grasp just like last week. Followed up with a 25m provided we can find a pug or god willing, enough online to mostly be OS and/or TOSA.

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