Making gold in WoW

I’ve run into two different players who happen to be level 80 on a couple pug runs of Vault and Naxx, they both did not have Flying Mounts. Both had similar excuses, “I’m broke”. To be  a level 80 in this game and not have saved enough jack for a mount that flies is tantamount to complete and utter failure, much like the movie ‘Australia’ was last night. It’s a mere 1000g, give or take a few gold due to your level of reputation. If you were around when the Isle was alive and kicking it was a gold mine, you can be on the Isle for less than an hour and make 100 gold, easy. Cap it off with a couple Isle related dailies in the Outlands and you would hit the 200g mark. 

  • Gold is easy to get even with the recent nerf of the Isle. However, like anything in WoW you have to put something into it for results. This scenario deals with the Auction House. These are my little guidelines and I’ve been very successful in the past few years. Let’s assume you are already level 80 with both expansions. If not you can still follow the basics.
  • Do not buy items above and beyond market value from the AH. Yes it may be tempting to spend 500g for that one piece but ask yourself “Is it really worth it?” – can I farm the materials to make it? Does a guildy have one? Can I pvp for an equivalent? How long does 500g take to make?   – I ONLY buy items from the AH when all my  options are exhausted. OR if it’s super cheap.** (next section) Your best friend the AH can be your worst enemy of compulsive buying.
  • kiefer-toasts.jpg
  • Buy Low, Sell High..but not too high. You may notice it’s the same sellers on the AH. I have a regular “Wowmart” who always buys my items in singles and bulk and know he marks them up by a typical 25-50%. He’s drowning in gold. I could raise my prices but if it’s too high I will hurt myself in the long run. Keep it at a median price range. Take the time to scan the AH for highly movable items and see if there are any items listed way below market value. Buy them and relist for what the average is- you will make your invest back in no time.
  • Depending on your profession, create a niche. Tailor? Make all levels of bags. I made a killing prior to WOTLK with my 20 slot bags from Mooncloth tailoring, I sold each bag for 1200 gold. I had another alt tailor so my cooldown was reduced 80%. I also traded for other materials– so every 2 days I made 1200 gold. My best week ever was 5600 gold…i was able to pickup some materials super cheap. USE your professions, don’t let them sit there wasting away. 
  • Don’t want to craft items? Make your toon a ‘gatherer’. Someone who only skins, mines, herbs. You will not only save time by not having to craft anything but in most cases the items you gather are worth more than the crafted item. I highly recommend this to those who are impatient and want quick gold. You can also barter your materials for crafted items as those needing to level their profession NEED you.
  • Level your other professions. Yes, this means fishing and cooking. I shouldn’t have to tell you to level First Aid– everyone should be capped on that. Period.  — Fishing and Cooking are relevant again. You can make a very nice sum simply fishing for 30 mins a day. The buff foods in the game right now are outstanding and you shouldn’t wait to level it up…and do NOT throw away the fish you get as you level or from killing the land animals. Tender wolf meat, and other leveling meats sell like meat hot cakes.
  • The most important thing to remember about the Auction House is patience. Some days you will sell out 100%, some other days nothing. The small amount of investment of listing fee’s is nominal at best for the rewards you will get from using the AH on a daily basis.



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3 responses to “Making gold in WoW

  1. Patrick

    I always love visiting animally places and grinding away. There, I can listen to a good audio program or music, practice different strategies or try various combat methods, acquire gray stuff to sell(goes for a lot actually), green items to disenchant for guild mats, and acquire leather and arctic furs, which are useful as well as sell for a lot if I was to sell them.

    The same can be done in humanoid encampments, which allows for more intense combat as there is no waiting as I skin, and allows for cloth collection, also useful to the guild.

    Daily quests are fun too, and there are quite a few of them I believe, if you look them up. I have nothing against AH, but there’s only so much gold in the WoW economy in one realm at one time. If someone buys from you, they had to get the money from somewhere else, such as AH, and so on. Therefore, I enjoy methods which don’t drain other people of their money or make the guild rely on outside help, such as vendor-ing and quests. With all of our professions, hopefully we can farm and make most anything we’d need, including money.

  2. LoL, Wowmart… that guy has bought a bunch of my mats as well.
    I have had periods where I have been really good at not buying on the AH and some times I can’t stop myself. I do find that if you don’t buy a full set of armor and weapons every 2 levels (when you go train) that your wealth builds a LOT faster.

    I had to reread your opening, thinking you meant they didn’t have epic flyers. Not to have a flying mount by 80 is weird at the very least. I have one. Had the $$ by 70 (unlike my epic ground which was 2 levels late). Just need a couple more levels and I can get cold weather flying.

  3. thanks man..good infos

    any good tips on ah

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