Black Sheep


The pic above is from ‘RONIN’ by Frank Miller — of which I’ve been tooting my own horn about how great THIS comic is for years…and now it’s being written for the Big Screen….go get the compilation and read the series, it’s very, very good. I have the original run from the 80’s and my copies are worn and torn due to my re-reading, drawing from and being amazed of Frank’s vision. 


Engineengine Number 9. On the New York Transit Line If my train goes off the track. Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!  

This lyrical genius is by BLACK SHEEP it can easily be related to Tanking. Or Not. This WoW past weekend was another time intensive run for me and a few others. Our guild added one “FrotoBaggins” a very cool cat from Philadelphia…I’ve been asking him to our guild for months as he has been running with us for months, mainly on Old School raids like Zul Gurub. We welcome him with open arms and I appreciate his sacrifice of leaving his guild of which he was the Guild Master. He joins us pre-made with Hunter DPS up in the 2200-2400’s as I personally witnessed this weekend in Naxx 25, he was just behind McTeague on the DPS chart. While I don’t believe a DPS chart is the best way to determine ones worth but in a Heroic it is the standard to which DPS is measured to see if your able to be IN the raid. Speaking of Naxx 25  I also witnessed Froto’s ability to roll like a punk. He had 4 chances at upgrades but rolled sooo low..I felt bad for him. I also rolled punkish losing a Tier 7.5 drop on a 67 vs. 94….QQ

We also added, it seems…a Logtar friend ( I didn’t know at the time…) Smidgeon who happens to be an 80 Mage of which we are in need of since the “Phrozens” and “Phreezins” had delusions of grandeur last month. I believe we added two Quality players this weekend and I hope to add more this week too! Please do remember to ask in tells when you run a pug if those in your pug seem like a good fit for our style of gaming then by all means ask them!

Non-WoW: Alix and I saw THE WATCHMEN with our friends this weekend and I was blown away with the epic movie. It’s move from print to film was among the best I’ve seen, ever. I plan on seeing it again soon as it’s a movie that has to be seen in full effect. The soundtrack, cinematography, acting, storyline and it’s tempo was right on. I’m a self-professed fan boy of comics and have been since 1976 and this ranks among the top 5 for me in the genre of ‘comic book’/’graphic novel’. Go see it if you can but don’t bring the kids…

I changed the ‘Theme’ of the blog and will be updating the header as well as I get bored with it. Hope you like it.



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6 responses to “Black Sheep

  1. froto

    Nice, I get front page acknowledgment! woo hoo! I will be practicing my rolls all day today while I work. Welcome to the guild Smidgeon!

  2. LOL – yeah it sucked spending 4 hrs in there and not getting jack but I think the experience on the 3 boss fights WAS worth it.

  3. Welcome Froto!
    Yeah Smidgeon ran a couple PUGS that Logtar threw together pre-TBC. Solid!

    I don’t see the Ronin picture (maybe it’s a firefox thing). I DO however have the collection. One thing about Sin City and 300 coming out is it renewed interest in Miller and I was able to snag a copy (having first had to borrow single issues back in 91). Good Stuff!

    Haven’t made it to Watchmen yet, so I kinda jumped that part…

  4. I gave away nothing in my quasi commentary on The Watchmen. Let me know when you plan on going, I want to see it again. I’m good anytime.

  5. I can sure let you know, once I do.
    And I see th Ronin page now!

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