I get drunk.

Last night was a mix of good, bad and ugly. Not just in the World of World of Warcraft but real life as well, most of which is NUNYA but some tidbits are interesting (to me). My WoW Highlight was me being the only Priest in 25m VOA….I got my first T7 (Tier 7 gear) and didn’t have to roll (though I did out of habit and seemed natural to do so). The leggings dropped…Valorous Leggings of Faith. I hope to complete the set in the coming few weeks. Made my night.

Other item of interest is my Step Daughter was involved in a car accident and her being the passenger, she has a sore neck but is a bounce back kinda gal. The driver…well…let’s say he won’t be around this family any time soon, not if I can help it. 5 Squad cars showed up, 1 Ambulance and 1 Firetruck all at 151st & Metcalf. After I made sure she was safe I ran over to my son’s choir concert and I was amazed! AMAZED it only last 26 minutes. His teacher isn’t exactly mr. excitement and I’ve been going to his ‘concerts’ for over 3 years now….I was just very happy it wasn’t an epic concert like some are in the Blue Valley District…the Christmas one was just under 3 hours long…..

Tonight I plan on meeting up with fellow guildies Star and Moon (Dave and Ann) along with Logtar (John) and I think his wife (?) for some good eats and drinks. My wife will be going to once she finishes up some errands. I like meeting (some) guildies in real life as it provides the whole voice to face and pretty interesting.



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4 responses to “I get drunk.

  1. froto

    glad step daughter is only sore and not seriously injured dude! and grats on the t7!

  2. Me too, she was very lucky. See you soon Froto

  3. Dude, glad your little girl is OK. Coulda been so much worse.

    From the IMs and pictures from Logtar, it seems dinner with Star and Moon wnet well. Sorry I was to pooped to party.


  4. Thanks about my step kid. I agree…if they had gotten on I-69….oy.
    What pics?? I didn’t see any pics…. but yeah it was a nice couple hours eating and drinking and talking with em all.
    Get less pooped and better homie!

    p.s. You are going to go the March 28th Planetcomicon right?

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