Priest Healing: Tips and Strategy

AutumnKnight is my priest. She’s beautiful. She’s everything you could want in a human. Let alone female. She had humble beginnings as she was originally made to heal my wife and my mother in law so they could level easier. Soon, our guild was short heals…so I began leveling AK on the power side. She became the guilds main healer and in that progression I’ve learned to roll with the changes WoW throws out at my spec(s).  I also did one of the lamest things one can do when leveling a priest….not being Shadow. I leveled AK from 1-60 being 100% Disc/Holy spec…what that means to you is I wasted time grinding and extending my level time by at least 50%. The best way to level being under 60 is going Shadow since in most cases you will be doing solo quests and you need as much DPS as possible. 

Since I learned the hard way going Disc. & Holy. I found that the nuances of DPS and basically…killing things took a little longer, a little more downtime (sitting and eating food/mana)…but all of this added up to me knowing my abilities in almost all scenarios. I soloed most of my levels unless it called for groups, I ran across a ton of horde and was camped for hours on end (but you never heard me complain in chat….we are on a PvP server and if you go get camped, yah it’s teh suck but it’s PvP….deal with it and don’t bitch and wine about it…there are plenty of other servers that don’t do World PvP.)…the flip side of goodness was I could always find a group. Never lonely being a Healer (or Tank) unless you plain suck. I don’t. Suck. I know a fair share of healer priests that don’t know how to maximize their talents, mana and timing heals…they skate by in raids and let others carry them. I would say it’s safe to assume that happens with every class except Tanks. 

I spam 3 heals in 5 mans but it changes depending on the situation. I think one of the main reasons for WoW to be so popular is it’s learning curve is very small, like most games you pretty much spam the buttons. On vent I hear John/Logtar always mashing his buttons which is very odd to hear considering he’s a tank and when I tank my small CD’s (Cool Downs) are too long for constant mashing. I DO Mash when in 25 man raids when it’s the ONLY way to keep the group alive. Ala: Patchwerk hateful strikes. I use “Flash heal for under 25’s and use it on my self spam like when PvPing. The 2nd spell on the list is “Renewwhich is KEY in so many scenarios, when in doubt renew. Any boss fights or trash mobs where they crowd control you or others like ‘silence’ or ‘polymorphed’, ‘iced blocked’, ‘fear’- calls for Renew on your tanks or party. That extra 1000-1500 life DOES make a difference. Next spell is Prayer of Mending which is a god send for it’s multi use of long ranged HOTS (Heals Over Time ‘ Spells). Of which Renew is one too– the Prayer of Mending provides an efficient healing spell that will JUMP to the next person (up to 5 times) on the hit list and heal them as well. For raids or extra mobs where the party is taking AOE (Area of Effect) I will use Circle of Healing (COH) which provides a 40 yard radius of heals which is not only efficient but effective and depending on your Spell Power (SP) heals nearly 30%, mine tends to heal 1200-2300 life per 6 second cooldown. It’s ESSENTIAL to have if you plan on raiding and also dependent on your spec. I will also again, top off people with Renew when a large AOE is occuring. 

As you get into higher level raids, instances, 10 mans and 25 mans you will start to see what works and what doesn’t but there is not a cookie cutter template for healing as it ALWAYS situational. You could have an over zealous DeathKnight (that NEVER happens) pulling aggro from your Tank and he/she messes up your focus. Someone’s pet goes all WILD and takes on 4 mobs down the hall and runs back scared only to have the mob focus on YOU for healing, shit happens and you being the healer have to account for it ALL. In the FUBAR situations your best friend- at least spell wise is FADE. Our Get out of Jail/Aggro card should be used whenever you do get aggro that the others can’t take away from you on their own. You can also find enhancements to Fade and reducing it’s cool down cost by talking to an inscriptionist. The thing with Fade is of course the timing, you don’t want to blow it unless you DO get aggro from mobs of which you cannot handle the initial attack. My current buffed, Inner Fire, food Stamina is around 19-20k HP (Hit Points) so in a Heroic I can take 1-2 hits from an Elite…three hits if I Bubble…but after that I’m a blood smudge. If you know you can’t take a hit then use it. If you get an aggro notification of 3-6 mobs at once, use it.  If it’s a 1-2 Mob pull then speak up and say you have aggro, get them the FOOK off me. The communication from you to your party is very important and let’s hope you are using Vent. 

I plan on posting future Priest information, specifically HOW TO tips on certain fights like Heroic Violet Hold, Naxx 25 Man, Vault 25 Man.



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2 responses to “Priest Healing: Tips and Strategy

  1. froto

    what about when hunter cast misdirect on you and then proceeds to lay fire trap in front of 3 mobs in COS? sorry Ygranne! i was trying to hit log and your little head popped in the way! nice info dude, makes me want to level a healer!

  2. Mike

    also a good way to Petco pets hxxp://petcohours[com]

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