Smelling the electronic Rose.


Since my Sunday marathon I decided to take a break from WoW for this week. Monday I didn’t log in. Tuesday (last night) logged in for a total of 30 mins to work on my Jewelcrafting and Tailoring – Tailoring I’m sitting at 345! My friends in the guild were gracious enough to send me 5 Frozen Orbs (free of charge) so I can wrap it up tonight *or this week*. Much thanks to everyone sending me the materials over the past months and…jeeezz my left hand is shaking like a jackhammer….anyways…umm…yes thank you to all helping me reach my goal. I appreciate it! I have mentioned before I will make anything you need free of charge if you have the materials. Cooldowns included. *thanks Rob and Chris for the Orbs!*

Last night I logged into Star Wars Galaxies since I heard the ‘purge’ came and went. Purge is where they (SOE: Sony Online Entertainment) in their enlightened beings of self worth decided to remove any structures that didn’t have active players (14.99/month). Any items you had collected, stored, designed, organized are now GONE. They did give you a 3 month window to sign back up for FREE to get your house(s) in order but you wouldn’t know that unless you were notified via email or your friends. This game is over 5 years old….I think the whole concept of deleting the items from a server is ludicroussss. Insane! I would have done it differently. I would purge but simply housepack it automatically onto the characters datapad (which is what they had you do in the 3 month window) but you had to LOG IN to do so. I don’t have a background in programming (nor do I want one) but it would seem to me it couldn’t be that hard to filter something to read who is a dead account, flag them then pack all their housing into a file. It’s just data…right? So, me being one who owned like 6 accounts at one time ( I know of others with 9-12 accounts X 14.99 ea) logged into my others and did what SOE told me to do. I packed em up and now they are on a digital warehouse much like the Arc being towed into the cavernous warehouse from Raiders. My “WookieLuv” and “Musashii” are lovingly stored away and at peace.

If I ever won the lottery I’d buy my seat on the board of SOE and take over the MMO departments as a visionist. I play these games and hear what people need, want and demand. SWG could have been the jewel of their gaming department and was for about a year…the licensing alone is worth a billion geeks influences. There has been hundreds of articles on what Sony did wrong with SWG so I won’t add to it besides this post….and that they royally screwed the pooch and WoW was the one to Reign them All.

So I was roaming around with my Jedi “Excalibur” in my friends player city “Primacord” on Talus– my friend of 5 years Minguss/Bulletproof whose armor is legendary (he’s an Armorsmith) on this server and noticed the place is cleaner…but not sure if it had to do with the purge or not. I didn’t venture out to the other cities. I did kill some cats with my nerfed Saber…and looted some enzymes…of which when you do you get a small badge achievement when it’s a NEW enzyme by the sound byte of “UTINII!!!” (Jawa’s own WOOT!), which kept me going for about 10 mins wanting to hear that sound byte over and over again..then I got bored. Logged off. I miss my friends from the game. Though I DO get yo enjoy hanging with and playing with Sokym now that he’s back into WoW on his first server. Sokym and I grew up together in SWG. 90% of my SWG screenshots have him in the picture or in my ‘group’. We hunted and hunted….and PvP’d. My Alosatche was with me too! (My wife’s ingame name) Seeing the hundreds of screenshots the other night was amazing. 

All that time wasn’t wasted. Not to me. Time wasted is when you do something you don’t like to do.

The past couple nights I’ve been drawing, playing Travian and hanging with my family. Myself, my son and Alix played Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe on his PS3 for 2 hours last night, it was a blast. “SHAZAM!!!!!” We had to take turns because I feel like a sucker if I have to pay $50.00 for a 2nd Joystick…you’d think if you spend over $400.00 for a gaming system they’d include another Joystick. Fucking Sony. =D


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