Z’meeting Waz’ Zuzzezful!

Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am! 15 min meeting! Those that missed it missed the following;

We rock! Like, seriously we all rock in what we are doing. We have no drama, (lately), we are cooping with friendly guilds, Guild bank re-duex X 5. We will continue to recruit but being very picky as we all love the mix of personalities and don’t need to fuck it up with the wrong attitudes.

We will continue to work on old content like BWL, SSC, MC, GRUULS and others. 

Great bunch of peeps!!!


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2 responses to “Z’meeting Waz’ Zuzzezful!

  1. cant wait to finish rest of old content! and yes we do rock.

  2. Patrick

    To those who missed this in guild chat, Logtar, Ygranne, Froto, and Alagorn brought me in to resto-DPS for the final boss of the heroic daily. In one foul swoop, with nary a trash mob, he was down, and I was swimming in three emblems and a blue-to-purple weapon upgrade, which is now comfortably enchanted.

    One complaint though– to be honest, my new shiny upgrade has not a very positive name: War Mace of Unrequited Love. Yeah, sad… My other gear is pretty exciting: Earthgiving(mmm, nature), of Vivacity(exciting!), of Dazzling Light, of Dreaming. Unrequited love? How heartbreaking. 😦

    Hoping for a more uplifting gear upgrade,

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