A co-worker that isn’t named Logtar got me into a browser based game called “Travian”. It is on the surface a simple sim-hex war game, underneath is a complex, heavy strat game. Here are some links that can do a much better explanation.  Wikipedia, Its OWN Wiki  or just google it. 

My experience is running now on 2 months. My friend is a semi-hardcore player and manages several accounts. (sounds familiar) It’s a FREE MMO game where you can pick 3 races and you can choose to build or raid..or you can do both. Each race (Roman, Teuton & Gaul) have their own pros and cons. Ideally the Gauls and Romans are the ‘easiest’ to play while Teutons are for more raid oriented players. What I find interesting is that there is an END to the game. I’ll get to that a little bit later. 

What is addicting is that you can play at your own pace. Have a browser? You can play. Have a goal in mind, you can get to it if you read up on the helpful tips and FAQs’, it’s amazing how much one can learn from reading a short blurb….what is NOT amazing is the information the game creators themselves tell you how to play the game. Yes there are FAQ’s and instructions but the information provided is lackluster and the gems of info are only found on user sites, forums from your “Alliance” or various places. It lacks a focus. I believe it’s on purpose. 

I was lucky to ‘know’ someone…it would be a daunting game for me if I didn’t know anyone or went solo without any guidance. I was able to get into an “Alliance” or clan, guild, team…of these alliances they do have rules like any other organization. Be sure to read what they require of you, don’t waste their time or yours.  

The basics of the game is you must register among several servers. You can easily ‘see’ how many players play as they display the numbers on each tab. You may want to do some research as mentioned above there is an ending to the game. They have ‘seasons’ usually lasting just over one year or more– in the game — it’s ends when an alliance builds a “world wonder’ or ww. It sounds simple but the WW is being attacked by other alliances and the only in game NPC’s called the “Natars”. The Natars are an NPC that will attack everyone towards the end– once the WW is built- usually by a number of Alliances cooperating the server season ends. Game over. No worries though as a ‘new season’ is brought up within days (from what I read). I am currently on 5 servers- of which one is very close to the end…on that server im only building…Wonder.jpg image by Militant_PandaI love the idea that I can play for free, there is an ending and it does make me think about what I’m doing. I also love that on my main server (6) I am making headway into what would be the beginning of FUN. The initial startup for your “village” is very very slow and I think they should improve that with the next update…you start slowly building your resources; wood, iron, clay and crop. Each one of these resources helps ‘build’ your infrastructure/buildings but also builds your army. Each build will add to your villages population (it doesn’t raise population if your only building up your resources…only village buildings)- of which adds more options to your buildings. It’s almost a never ending story of ‘building’. I like that. ONCE you get a steady income of resources via your farms or raiding* you will move along faster. 

*raiding– all 3 tribes can raid. Meaning you make an army and go out and attack/raid your neighbors for their resources. Sounds mean but it’s the game in a nutshell. As mentioned before each tribe has pros and cons and this appplies to raiding. By far the fastest raiders are the Teutons and they have the ability to raid “crannies” which is like a secret storage house that holds your resources which other raiders cannot get to *unless your a teuton raider*. So, if you have a decent sized offensive army you don’t necc. have to build up your resouces, you can live off your neighbors…let them do all the work for you. This is called “Farming”. Of course if you go this route of sustenance you WILL be attacked by others doing the same thing or for retribution for stealing their hard earned resources. But damn it’s FUN!

The flip side is the “Sim” player who doesn’t raid. They build and build and build. In order to build they need defensive forces– the best equipped tribes for that are the Gauls and Romans. A strong defense will stop the raiders in their tracks as most defenders have the advantage if they have the proper troops in their village. I am siming on another server and I was being raided until I was able to build up 200-300 defensive troops which wiped out some very expensive (to make) offensive troops. Those 4 raiders never bothered me again..knock on wood. 

If you are interested in playing Travian– remember it’s free…I’m on server 6, Roman and in the 200’s/90’s area — I forget the area (NW, SW, etc.) and would happy to help you play, grow and experience the game!


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