Old School Instances

This weekend Rob (Froto) and Buffmama (don’t know her real name) invited me to AQ40 and we completed it with minor hiccups, since it was a pre BC raid most things (npcs) will be minor except where certain boss fights that do require some communication to downing bosses. I acquired 2 of the in-instance Mounts (red and green) which was awesome in itself but also some tier drops (not sure which tier…) but most importantly it was great to BE there even if it’s nerfed. Final boss if C’Thun or to those in the know of geekdom it is a direct reference to Cthulhu– the boss it’s self is a mirror image of Cthulhu with it’s tentacles, it’s EYE and attacks. One of the cool aspects of the fight is some people get tossed into it’s stomach and you have to get out asap before you die from it’s DOT.  It was a short but FUN run and recommend it to anyone who has never been plus you get purples, mounts and you can tell your grandkids you took down C’Thun!

My guild also partook in a gauntlet run of Heroics from the Outlands this weekend, we had a slew of instances some of us never ran or finished, we did all the ones in Coilfang (sans SSC) then went to Hellfire Penn- garnered a ton of greens, rep and AP’s! 

I was lucky to have generous friends this weekend to loan me their time to move me up the ladder of reputation of Cenarion Expedition to exalted and promptly spent 1600 gold on the most beautiful mount ingame. Thanks everyone!


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