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DPS seems to be moving along nicely for the continual need of ‘good’ dps in the form of consistent dps. DPS has it easy in that they only really have to ROLL a good roll for upgrades when they run 10m and 25’s. DPS (Damage Per Second). Most DPS can simply do Winters Grasp (WG) or Battlegrounds (BG) and Arena to upgrade– this works great for those who aren’t too social or don’t like to pug it up. I started my WoW experience as a Hunter (WookieLuv) and currently stuck at 71. I bore easily. 

Just going to point out quick and easy ways to gear up for DPS players. Some may  seem obvious but w/e. Once I do get out of the doldrums of playing Wook I will be playing WG and BG’s and if able some Arena. Arena gear is THE BEST DPS GEAR one can get in the game as of today. If you don’t want to go that route of Arena then your next best thing is WG/BG’s (WintersGrasp and Battlegrounds) Yes, It may become monotonous, tedious but you will get the Honor, Rep and Kills you want to cash in for gear. Some call it “Welfare Gear” but I take offense to that, you DO have to spend the time to get it, you DO have to be there…fuck you all who think PvP isn’t earned. yes. fuck. you. The benefits of doing BG’s is as mentioned: Rep and Honor. If you are into achievement points like I am there are  a TON of achievements one can do in each BG. Since most players are slightly OCD these APs (Achievement Points) can be a great barometer and pride for garnering them. 100 kills, 1000 kills, 5000 kills, 10000 kills and more. Check out the AP’s for BG’s…you probably won’t run out of things to do. To ‘see’ what you can do simply log in to the Armory and click the appropriate tab. Mine are listed here– I have a way to go….

The last bastion of gearing up is doing the “duh” ones– going into raids, heroics. If you are pugging it up try and be selective especially if there are more than +1 of your spec. i.e. 6 Hunters in a 25m raid means you will have to roll against those people and your odds suck. Like navigating an asteroid field suckage. Also keep notes (I do…) of whom you have run with before and see if they are in your raid group. I mostly make notes on those players that suck, bossy, cause wipes, go afk, make excuses– if there are a majority of these types in the raid I will pass, I will apologize to the raid leader and simply tell him the truth. “Hey, I’ve ran with so and so and my past experiences have been bad, so much so I’m going to have to pass on this run, thanks for the invite”. I use this phrase with my healer AK– 9 times out of 10 if the guilty person is NOT in their guild they will kick that person and I stay. Most raid leaders understand that 1-3 bad apples in a raid means chaos dissent and people leaving the raid. Wasting everyone’s time is not my goal. =D DPS is slightly different in that you are a dime a dozen but not so much dime a dozen for sustainable high dps, sadly this is only found out while IN game. You CAN be replaced easily. If you are on the lower half of the DPS chart and your raid/grp is wiping on trash (dying) then YOU will be blamed for it…provided heals are working. lol   So with that knowledge you need to gear up. Ask your friends with high DPS what they use, similar gear, how they got up there, what specific combos they use. 90% of all players in my guesstimation use their own tried and true key combos on all mobs/pvp or pve. Ask them, it’s not a big deal to ask….DeathKnights are especially keen to their timing and combos with cooldowns- much like Mages and others….all classes. 

Asking is the other half of the battle.



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2 responses to “DPS tips

  1. Arena gear is THE BEST DPS GEAR one can get in the game as of today. If you don’t want to go that route of Arena then your next best thing is WG/BG’s (WintersGrasp and Battlegrounds)

    LOL you sir are a dumbass, yeah, pvp gear is the best pve gear you can get in the game? that dont even make sense AK.. sure every good dpser wants resil. LOL IRL.

  2. True Resil sucks for PvE but are you saying that the Arena gear isn’t the best out there for stats?

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