Patch 3.1 and Vent = Bannings!!! WOOOT

I got hung at 98% and couldn’t get further, tried a few times and said fuck it. Talked to Sam and Colleen lastnight so I was able to get some skinny on the vault run (lol), as well as the smell and toxicity of Sams computer burning up with his wife rolling her eyes at him. I can picture it. I did. 

Instead I contributed to our 4 feet X 5 feet canvas we bought last week and drew (draw) my wifes eyes and eyebrow with slashes of her vibrant red hair in my minds eye. Using colored pencil and pastels on canvas take more work and strokes than normal and the residuals are waiting to be smudged or blown off by a breath of non-saliva air. It’s going to be an interesting piece when it’s all done and hope we can finish it up soon (4-6 weeks) since I’ve already noticed it gets wear and tear, smudges and more smudges as we work on it. Finishing it off with some fixative will be key to keeping it fresh…and so clean clean.

I read up on the new specs/talents and it looks promising sans some things I will miss in being a Priest, -40% mana…..yikes…but I will play and see before making my all-mighty and important judgement post. I hope to be able to log in tonight. 


  • If you abuse our vent you will be banned to the depths of the frozen hell of North Dakota working as a pig farmer with only one leg.
  • If someone logs in on your I.P. and it’s not you and they get stinking drunk and recite excerpts from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE in pig latin you will be banned, even though I love A CLOCKWORK ORANGE others may not.
  • If you log in to our vent under some strange name no one recognizes like “DirkDigglerDidYourDog” or “WookieLube” or “Logtarded” then you will be banned! (Use your screen name or reals, it’s real easy to change it…)
  • If your 12, 13, 14 or 15 and come in cussing up a storm to random members for no apparent reason other than your parent failing to do his/her job as a parent by keeping tabs on you or that your single parent is too busy blowing the mailman or woman to notice you yelling at strangers in vent…then you will be banned. I will be your parent in that moment…if not right then….then…later when I log in ..after your mom just blew me.

If you are in a bad mood, drunk, buzzed, angry, pissed off DO stay in vent if you are in the guild…we are here to help you in your time of need. Need to talk to others in private? There are rooms you and others can talk in private, use them.  You won’t be banned for having real life. We are friends, albeit online…we are all still friends.



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2 responses to “Patch 3.1 and Vent = Bannings!!! WOOOT

  1. Talked to a couple people yesterday and may have a fix for being on more at home. Will DL the patch and see tonight.

    As for vent, I swear I LOVE listening to it most of the time. We have some entertaining guildies. Never heard the drunk, foul mouthed children with fake names tho. I always miss the good stuff…

    N }:-

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