Slow and Low that is the Tempo

WoTLK has been out since Obama has been elected 100+ days. In that time I have only made one level 80 toon: AutumnKnight. In that time I only just last night made the cap on Fishing, Cooking and Jewel Crafting…granted I could have finished it earlier. I could have done this and that but I wanted to do it at my own pace, if there was something I needed and it was a few skill points away then I would go for it- asking guildies for mats, farming them myself and in other cases buying them from the auction house. Usually I hit the AH when I’m very close and don’t want to waste time (irony) farming/asking/coordinating. I gave myself my usual pat on the back and 2 fist pumps in the air with my Alo looking over at me smiling and congratulating me as well as my guild giving me the ‘grats!’ or ‘grass’. Accomplishing goals in WoW is what makes it addictive. I’ve said before that this game is the best game for anyone with any levels of obsessive compulsion disorders OR any form of ‘ives…it will happily give you many things to do. You just have to want to do them. 

The only thing I’ve left to do MAIN profession wise is acquire the Heavy Bandage and Tailoring (447/450)- the tailoring one is simply me committing to doing the cool down cloth (3 days) in the Northrend areas. I’ll get there. 

I do have a friendly motivator besides my ego, and that’s Nyghtkill/mare has been on an achievement run for the past few weeks and is in the 3400’s and the kicker is he’s running on a Deathknight. That’s impressive (besides DK’s were/are overpowered…) =)  We made a tentative deal to work together and move up the AP ladder. I would love to get 5000 before summer ramps up.

I hit 3805 last night– so I have a ways to go!  This weekend is another Festival/Holiday– I may need to read up on that. See everyone online!


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