My Ass is even more big and hairy: Mount Drop

The WoW gods were smiling at me last night. I log in around 10 pm and get asked to heal a 10m Vault. I was told the off tank and main healer left them high and dry after only the trash pulls… the rest of the make up was pure 100% Old Schoolers. I join up, summoned and quickly have to redo my talents….I did it half assed due to peer pressure.   We were only missing a tank so I got a hold of Chiiby (former DK tank of OS). We clear the rest of trash with ease….sorta…I was still placing my spells in the toolbar when Chiiby pulled. LOL……lol…….

Long story short– we take boss down one shot, no deaths. 3 Purples drop: Druid Chest, Warrior Chest and……..drum roll please…………REINS of the GRAND BLACK WAR MOUNT! but wait…let’s rewind…

There I was– reeling from a long days work and after work: clients, customers and co-workers….then going to my son’s track meet where he threw 31 feet and three quarter inch Shot Put…..40 something feet worth of Discus in the blazing heat. Driving back from the meet I was greeted with the sound of a dying engine that may go to FORD heaven any day now…we get home at 6:15 and I grab a Bud Light to lessen the days worth of ugh-ness. My son quickly goes to his room and is frantically arranging a date with his new girlfriend. My wife calls and will be running late– State is in town at her work which means she’s going to be put to the test of stress levels much like those in the NASA programs.

Last night was my daughters year end Concert (she plays the Clarinet) with the other 5th grade through 12th grade Shawnee Mission West High Schoolers. We arrive 7 mins late after 7 mins of looking for a parking space….why do handicapped people have the best spots??!?? Let alone all the police cruisers having their own parking lot…anways…   I search for her in the 800 students sitting in SMWest’s gym and need to go to the other side to find her…took awhile for my Jedi powers to kick in for her to see me in her side vision..but she did and we made ‘faces’ for the next 20 mins off and on. The concert ends just over an hour later and I give her kisses and words of encouragement to stay away from boys and then we (alo and ash) head back home but make a sidetrack to Chick-Fil-A for some good eats….long day.

OK– back to the eyes go wide and I smile and am wanting my wife to be near me when I roll but JUST before I hear her daughter yelling alllllll the fooook waaaay down in the basement for her mother. The ‘MOOooOOOOooooOOmmmm!!!’  kept repeating….and repeating….and repeating…. (did I mention I’m in vent?)- Alo is on the phone with her boss…. so my frustration ended with me YELLING “SHES ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!” — I hear a “OK!”  but soon realized my pinky finger was on the PUSH TO TALK button for vent while I yelled……….sigh………I apologize to everyone in vent for yelling like that, I turned a few shades of red when I realized it. hehe…. so my wife goes down to see what she wants.

I slowly type /roll   each character taking at least 5 seconds each….I close my eyes before I hit ‘return’ key…. I rolled a 78. I blinked. I was 3rd to roll (I usually like to roll last)…I see a 74….I blink again….I see a 2…a 1 (Chiiby)….then I hear the worlds most calmest voice over vent- Patrick…his words bumbling out (He is master looter)….”Oh….should I umm….roll?” “Hmm…ummm….ummm yeah……I guess I should huh?”……”Hmm…..” by this time I am not blinking, I’m staring…..staring at the numbers…seeing a 74 and my 78…….the background of Patrick formulating complete sentences and fluidity failing…..he is last to roll……..

He rolls a 2.

I win. Did I? Wait…did I?  I won a 1%-2% ULTRA rare drop mount?  Really? Really??

Yes I did.

She’s a beauty!

Thanks for the timely invite everyone!



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3 responses to “My Ass is even more big and hairy: Mount Drop

  1. You shoulda passed on it, that’s apretty big mount for a dainty little flower like AK.

    You KNOW I was kidding right? Congrats man.

    I was at home (sick) the last 2 days, and could only sleep so much. So I logged in, got the bugfix, and redid my talents. Ran about 8 quests on Curve and was trying to decide if that was it (I knew my back and legs would protest if I stayed in that chair too long). Anyway Froto wanted to do a lowbie run and stress test his new build, so he and Sok ran my mage thru ZF. Then we added Crinkle and Death for Sunken Temple run. 2 of us dinged in ST (including my mage) and I had a blast.

    Let’s just say it DID hurt when I got up, but I had such a good time with TOS peeops that I am determined to find a way to play more. Damn I miss ya’ll.

    OK, I am going back to work. You enjoy your big hairy ass!

  2. Rob

    oh man what fun curve! lol didnt realize you where hurting but was a good time.

    and AK that mount is awesome! the wow gods smiled upon you that night! right after you all made us deaf with your infamous “SHE’S ON THE PHONE VENT SCREAM!”

    lol, good times for TOS!

  3. Yea….i cursed my pinky vent finger for staying on the key for that lovely family moment.
    OS is always good times and I’m glad you and Nuke are a part of it!

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