I hit 4000 points this weekend — I thought I would top it off with killing Turkeys in under 3 minutes. The irony being supposed wasted time. Is it? Not for me. =) Talking with McTeague he just hit 4010 with the completion of the new late event ingame Gardner. I also finished it up within 4 hours of starting it yesterday morning. I have the new title “AutumnKnight the Noble” …indeed.  WoW also has the orphan event starting this weekend as well – which I need to finish ASAP! My goal is 1000 points a month. Or 500. Whichever comes first.

I had a wonderful relaxing weekend and the weather was perfect. My time ingame was spent doing misc. things (besides the points) and I also scheduled Tuesday night for Naxx 10 Man run. Every Tuesday will be Naxx 10 MAN. I posted the sign up/invites on the calendar so If you need an invite let me know–( I did a mass invite of all 80s’ plus some friends of mine & yours). I hope to get us on a regular schedule for these type of raids, I can only do this with your help. 

My next focus is leveling up Wootbeer- I just sent 1000g for her to purchase the ability to dual spec- shes only 72 but 73 is 1.5 bubbles away, she was my favorite toon for awhile =)…   If anyone ever needs a low 70’s tank- hook me up. 

We added a few new faces this week– please check out the pages above for rules and rank and our history. I can sum up most of it with: rank is based on participation – you will remain a “new recruit” for at the most 2 weeks. This is to see if there is a ‘fit’ for all concerned. New recruits can only deposit items into the bank, if you want something from the bank just ASK an OFFICER and they can get it for you– remember to deposit 10g.  Rules are simple too– mutual respect.  Raid rules- be prepared, do your own homework on boss fights, have the correct and updated add-ons and BE patient.


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