New design: Green.

Green. Among my favorite colors. Not really…except with green in, cars, shoes, houses not so much. Green means more now with the environmentalists and overall growing ideals of ‘saving’ our planet. I’m not one way into saving. I don’t save money…so what makes me think I can save a planet? *chuckle* I know this isn’t a WOW topic but who cares. (?) I DO watch what I litter– I will throw out gum, food particles and such from my car. I don’t recycle anything at home ever since someone stole our “GREEN” tub for recyclables. I DO give my assistant unused or used paper that she recycles and I go through alot of paper. I also re-use paper for my printer at home. I DID shut off lights during that hour last month and hung with newly found friend Logtar/John last year at his place for the same event. Hmmm seems that I do ‘do’ stuff that helps…albeit in a very minor way. I just don’t go out of my way doing so, that’s the cynical in me…or is it me being mean. (?)

Anyways, I saw that WordPress released this new Theme and it looked good. I may have to spice it up with a banner or maybe update the subtitle with my favorite movie quotes. Fuck, I don’t know. I have a headache. This weather in Kansas wreaks havoc on my immune system, one day it’s 80 and sunny..few hours later a Tornado is down the street, next I have to turn on the furnace. 

Could be the Swine Flu. I really do think the media (blogs, newspapers, CNN, AP) can only think of doomsday talking points. One scenario put out (posted) is from the Associated Press saying if a pandemic did happen 2 million of us would die (2%) in the U.S. I just hope those 2 million people would be rapists, murderers and evil people in general. Leave the innocent alone…k? k.

Well last night we did an impromptu run in OS. Full 100% Guild run. We had: Me (AutumnKnight), Ygraane, Starforce, Moon, Sokym, Smidgeon, Gonzo, Froto, Logtar and Honjuder. We cleared the mobs after a couple wipes here and there then the boss fight was also fun. We tried 5 times and got the mofo down to 600k HP.  Froto did an excellent job leading the group and the advice Gonzo gave also helped. We are going for it again tonight and after, if we have enough 10m Naxx. Our DPS has certainly made some progress, heals are great and the tanks simply need to do some homework on boss fights- as well as our OWN homework for boss fights. It’s a live/die and learn experience which is AOK with me since we are doing this as a guild. IF we had a pugger last night he/she would have left early on…we stuck to it and got it nearly done. 

Great work guildies!


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