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To teh N00bs

Fredler mentioned lastnight … that some of these new recruits ignore our mention of rules and where to read them. If one looks up top of this post there is a page dedicated to our rules and guidelines. Urkle was apparently asking for handouts of gold. He left shortly after when he didn’t get any. This is typical. Unfortunate but typical for those type of players who don’t want to work for it…walked through instances, power leveled, grabbing at the coat tails of their guild leaders.I copied and pasted the initial section of our rules below.

First and foremost we expect common courtesy and respect. Without that the guild cannot work. Rules are as follows.

  • No spamming for gold, runs. You can ask once or twice but if you ask excessively you will be warned once then booted if you persist on being annoying and basically worthless to the guild.
  • No abusive language to other members. Period. If you have an issue with someone take it to tells, NOT in guild chat. If it cannot be resolved ask a Council Member or Chief of Staff..or ask me.
  • Do not talk down to your guild mates. EVERYONE was new once so please refrain from belittling your friends in guild. We are not the uber speak, 1337 esque guild….
  • If you have friends and family members that play your character please understand their actions and words are YOURS. If they cause drama and issues in the guild it is ultimately your responsibility.

I don’t care if you are level 19 or 80, if you cannot fend for yourself in having gold in your account for repairs, reagents or simple purchases then this is not the guild for you. We are not and will not be your ATM. Good luck mooching off others.

Second issue when new players come to our guild. You have to remember we are not super dooper hardcore lets do something 24/7. Just because you ask for a run and no one wants to run it (at that time) doesn’t mean we don’t care. It means we are busy with our own play time and priorities. Don’t get your g-string in a bunch if you can’t find a group in your first 10 mins of being in OS. This is still a low population (for Alliance) server and every guild has issues with grouping, not just us. Be patient.  Even, I have problems getting groups- especially if I’m not healing. It’s the way of the game.

So, you are or maybe asking yourselves “Why Am I in Old School??!”  I’ll tell you why! We are a great bunch of mature players and will do most anything for you ingame and in some cases real life. We are a family, tightnit. We help eachother on many levels, professions, Quests, Raid, Gear, Gold*, Achievements, you name it and this guild is open arms. Next question is “Why aren’t you treating me like one of the guys/gals then?!”  I’ll tell you why!  Because our love and trust doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build the trust factor. We’ve been burnt soooo many times with so called friendship and “I ain’t leaving Old School! Ever!!” but when something happens they hightail it for greener grass or in more recent events, delusions of grandeur. Trust. When you gain the main core players trust in Old School you are pretty much set. The time it takes you to get there is entirely up to you. Your interactions with guild members, your chatting in our vent, signing up for events, making your own events, helping others with quests,– BASIC participation will shoot you up to the top of our collective “Hey, I like so-and-so!” let’s help him/her!

So that’s it in a nutshell.

Let’s recap if you are new to OS, shall we?  We shall.

  1. Don’t ask for gold. Period.
  2. Don’t spam Heroic runs.
  3. Don’t be an elitist jerkwad. Be respectful.
  4. Be patient.
  5. Use vent.
  6. READ the RULES.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!



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What are we doing?

Sometimes as I sit in traffic, sit on the pot, just before I doze off on a power knap/nap I wonder what are we doing playing WoW. Specifically with this guild. The original idea when I started it was to get away from “Flurry United” and it’s asshats who thought they could micomanage each member. As the story goes about 200 of us came over from Star Wars Galaxies and joined ‘Flurry United” – “Flurry” being the name of our SWG server. It imploded and I made this guild. Sokym is the only remaining member active on this server from the ‘original’ crew of 10.

Anyways…I’ve always liked being in control. Still do. Sure it’s easier in some cases to let others run guilds/groups and organized social aspects and etc. etc. In the case of a WoW Guild I wanted a home for other players where they can just be themselves. They wouldn’t have to pretend to be this elite asshole. No pressure. No over bearing rules. Of course we all need some structure otherwise what’s the point? I’ve been very happy with the 3 mergers we’ve had over the past 3 years and more recently the “Gutbusters” (wtf is up with that name?). Much thanks to Logtar on his puggin with you all and helping it come to guild merger fruition, it’s not an easy thing to do. I think we’ve come along very nicely in the past 6 months. Indeed. Shout outs commence…

It took me 7 months to get Froto to join us and like 34 runs in ZG before he finally relented and joined the evil Empire. His cool kat attitude much like Obama comes thru vent and soothes the ladies (and gents) into a calmer, peaceful tude. He can also bang a gong like none other.

I love having our little chats in tells Fredler. “…” should be your middle name. You keep me smiling.

Moon & Star : the consumate WoW couple who add such depth to our ranks of fun loving people who need to move to a bigger city with more restraunts and less mold. Also meeting them in person was a great opportunity to put names and face together!

Pathe: Fellow Designer and Freelancer (thanks for the recent leads!), new baby on the way! Always ready to help others out. Always. We go back a long time now and it’s been a great ride (and will continue to be!).

Colleen!: Our former tank but really want’s to be a Hunter babe! We’ve had great convos in tells! We are all very happy you remained with OS when the Elite Few decided to “Be”. Hope to see you more online when you can!

Nyghtkill: The harsh sounding brash sounding sometimes slurred speech patterns sometimes overheard on my vent sends my Poodle downstairs with her tail tucked between her legs. This guy’s middle name is “grind”. Love ya man.

Smidgeon: New addition but a breath of fresh air! Plus who can’t love a 3 ft tall Mage with an overabundence of great attitude!?!

Ygraane: All she does is heal. And heal like mad (even if she’s Logtars pocket healer *chuckle*), a person I met a few times over lunch and her positive attitude in real life crosses over to WoW life. We all love her!

Damayan: His voice is distant on vent, subdued and realtively quiet but he has come along way in this guild, contributions, DPS ranking up and helping others comes naturally to him. His accent reminds me of “Deliverance”.

Sokym: My longest MMO friend of all time. Going on 6 years of multiple gaming: SWG, LoTR, Vanguard, WoW and other LAN games. If there is one person that has been with me through nearly all experiences (gaming) it’s Sokym. I just wish he and his family would move to good ol U.S.A.!

Logtar: Took me a few weeks but I was among many who tried to get him turned onto WoW and voila! it worked. Seeing him from level 1 and hitting 80 has been a great journey.

Sam: We met vicariously through the WoW Forums with the daily “Good Morning” posts and hooked him with one of my many posts about recruiting. Sam is what I call a “Utility Belt”. He can handle ALL types of classes in WoW and make them his own. Class act!

Axloon: Next to Alagorn he’s been here nearly since the beginning, I love that he’s still here helping whenever he can and bringing his even/calm demeanor to the table. Hopefully he will hit 80 before Christmas!

Alagorn: Reminds me a lot of Sokym. Dependable, trustworthy and so very happy he remains an important part of OS.

Honjuder! : Stepping up to the plate and taking on a role of TANK for OS has been a tremendous asset to our progression. Great outlook on life and fun to be around.  Maybe one day you can go back to DPS. (not).

Theydrin: Our resident Elite player who pugs with the best of them! Offers Mega DPS when needed!

Beigstvo: Carrot Man! Whole Foods Dood! Druid through and through! Fellow HUSKER! He maybe taking a break from WoW as he tends to do…Patrick fills the role of Tank, DPS and Healer with style and fun. Listening to him in Vent is a treat as well. I look forward to meeting up with him next time we are in Omaha.

Dragnort: Old Schooler Original. Another person I love in the guild and whom is a pleasure knowing.

There are others in guild but these are ones I wanted to list and focus on with their contributions, words of advice, helpfulness and overall enjoyment of knowing them. This is what this guild is about. Friends. This is ‘what are we doing’. We are making memories with eachother and spending time (precious as it is) with eachother in a venue that is WoW.

Just wanted to say Thank You!

Your Humble Guild Leader


When your opponent is AFK, GANK 'em! (Logtar when he was 62 in Hellfire)

(Fredler 2 weeks ago)

Pathe and his Wife

World of Warcraft

For Tyiako…..

World Of Warcraft

Not me.

and last but not least..



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Summa Summa SummerTime

Officially summer starts today *for us in Overland Park, KS* as today is the last day for school for our kids, sans the ones that already graduated. 2 Down. 3 to go. My son passed around his Lawn Care business flyers yesterday and apparently has 3 potential customers…woot. That would be around 75.00 a week, not bad for a 14 yo. =D  k enough about me.

WOW wise– I linked Logtars WoWblog on the side there, check it out. I am 2 bubbles from 73 on WookieLuv with many thanks to those in the guild for helping me, especially Fredler who asks me everytime I log on if I need help along with Sokym. Those two will go above and beyond there way to help anyone (not just me) as well as others…too many to name but they come to mind first. Thanks fellas. As of late I’ve been trying to get more playtime for Wook but family things pop up and they are priority. Things like dead Dryers, Unassuming 18 year old princesses who think the world revolves around them, Ex wife who thinks everyone is out to get her and has nearly perfected the art of playing the “Victim” card. – things happen. My goal of 80 before June is still out there…but…it’s…waning….slowly….

Our beloved “Old Man” Nyghtkill is a machine. Like John Connor’s arch enemy AHNOLD. First, he (last I hurd) quit smoking, quit drinking (during the week) and is about to over take me (wait while I check on the Armory…)..oh fuck…he DID over take me on Achievement Points!!!! WOOOT!!! As I said..he’s a machine. He blew past me and is sitting at 4185 AP’s. (I’m 4130)…however the sleeping giant “RedRose” recently logged on and is at 4390. This is what happens when you level other toons (or have 9 others).  Gratz on all those points Nyght and all those Reputations, 50 mounts and hard work you’ve put into the game. I salute you!

I think this week I will sit in Dalaran, IF or SW and spam for new recruits. The past few years our online presence slows during the summertime (understandable) but I’d like to have at least a dozen more 80s added to our illustrious ranks. Only teh cool kids. If you (members) know of someone that may fit our play style please invite them, prefacing it with the ideals behind OS is we are a ‘casual raiding’ guild. No overt elitism. No yelling at eachother *unless drunk and in good fun*. We simply enjoy the game amongst friends.

I may work a Recruitment drive contest. 10 80’s that last 2 weeks recruited by ONE person = 500g. =) Ideas? Thoughts? No!?


Please sign up for events, make events on the Calendar.

Thanks! and Happy Summer!


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Memorial Day Thanks!

My Father and Mother’s family all were in the Armed Forces, My grandfather (dad’s side) was there on D-Day. He was part of the forces that also advanced in the “Black Forest” and were constantly shelled with mortars. He survived only to have a tragic car accident a few years later back in North Dakota, I never met the man but he looked like an imposing figure. My cousins all served in the service on both sides of the family, my friend have as well.

To all past, current and future service men and women, thank you for the sacrifces you have given in order for us to enjoy this most awesomest country in the WORLD. Thank You.


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Leveling WookieLuv

After much soul searching I decided to level up my Hunter, WookieLuv. The quandry I had was what was best for the guild, how can I help, what is needed. I asked those questions for months now, usually while I drop my kids off at the pool or when I go to lunch. My initial and obvious goal for the guild was to make my tank. Pre WoTLK I had dual roles, I was both Main Tank and Main Healer (Wootbeer and AK). AK is heals of course but we have a nice array of heals in the guild now where we usually  have no issues with healing roles. We lack Tanks. Well we did. Sorta, all depends on the day of the week. I have a DK (73) and Wootbeer (72) as well as my 55 Paladin all aimed at being Tanks…but I miss having almost no responsibility in a raid/grp (aka DPS).

Wook was my first toon and first to hit 60 and 70. Now he sits at 71 wondering where the love went. I can tell you exactly where it went. HEALS. I made AK for the sole purpose of healing our guild…and I like it. Not ‘liked’ but ‘like’, as in present tense. I do need to mix it up though.

So I begin my goal of getting Wook to level 80 BEFORE June 2nd. I can do it. I think. I mean, yes…I can DO IT!!!! (with the guilds help of course). I will be balancing PvE runs with BG’s. Current spec is Marksmanship until I get higher in level then I will play with hybrid specs. Using my cat “AlixAndria” as my faithful companion I think it will be very fun getting to know my hunter again.

Guild News

  • Our resident Fredler was hacked Monday morning around 3 a.m. Apparently someone logged in, took the max items from our guild bank (wasn’t a big deal..) on  all 5 tabs, relogged his alts– rinse and repeat. He filed his tickets and I’m sure Blizzard will do him right with replacing it all- mainly his gold and gear. I don’t care about the bank items. I wish him a speedy recovery!
  • Recruitment / Loss is at a nice median. We lost 3 last week because once they hit 80 they wanted to do Naxx. When we told them no they’re not ready they left. I think that was for the best. Much like the KC Royals, we, for some players tend to be the leveling guild for them. They use us until they hit 80, then feel like grass is greener syndrome. Maybe in some cases it is greener, however we stress friendship first and casual play…they knew that coming in.
  • Naxx is coming along nicely under the direction and leadership of Logtar and Frotobaggins, they’re dedication to get us ramped up and organized for raids is slowly but surely paying off with the Arachnid wing being taken down last week. The Vault has been on 10 man farm for weeks now (sans the new boss). I appreciate everyone’s invovlement with the guild. Thank You!

Last week I was in D.C. for a Tradeshow and was only able to come back late Sunday, so I have some catching up to do at work, family and WoW wise but bear with me I’ll be back online. My In-Laws are in town all week so my gametime maybe relegated to past 10 p.m. timeline and I will be up for instances with Wook. Thanks for the longer than usual read.


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Jim Rome’s Smack Off ’09 & My Right Hand Man or Woman…

I was only able to listen to Jay Mohr’s smack off. If you don’t know what the Jim Rome smack off is click here. Basically it’s callers (non-famous) besides Jay Mohr…call in and go off on a sports theme bashing of any number of topics and obscure references. Today Jay Mohrs was on top, I hope to find a transcript of it soon and post it. I was in tears driving up College Bvld on the way back from a blissful lunch with my wife. Tears.

Tonight I don’t see me playing much of WoW unless it’s checking mail from the AH or late logging in. I do want to see about doing some type of organized leadership take hold by a select few whom I can 100% trust to handle raid events, drama and lead when s when I’m not around/offline. I know the officers rank is supposed to do that but there are only so many ranks and limited amount (8)? I need a new rank of 2nd in command. This person is responsible for maintaining the guild as a whole.  I will go more into that when I return from D.C. next week.

I believe my love and I will be seeing Star Trek late– first with me playing some Magic the Gathering for Friday Night Magic. Been awhile since I’ve played….looks to be fun and I get to collect on some barter freelance items. I design for Magic cards.

Hoping a late night log in will result in me getting the title “Matron” as I’m still in need of the battleground achievements for the stupid mother fookin kids week. Not that the event is stupid, the BG’s quest achievements ARE FUCKING Stupid. I’d rather watch CSPAN. I just have the WSG and AV to do…sounds easy huh? Not on our cross-over PvP battlegrounds….the Horde mostly have their shit together in those BG’s. I will give it the ol’ jr. college try. On a lighter fun note I’m sitting at 4100 achievement points. woot woot!

Ciao Bella’s!

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Annie & Willy

Willy (enlarged view)Orphan (Children’s Week) Annie is ranked among my Top 10 musicals I can stand to watch from beginning to end. The others are: (Non-Disney..I like most Disney Animation Musicals)

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. James and the Giant Peach
  3. Grease
  4. Moulin Rouge
  5. Little Shop of Horrors
  6. Annie
  7. Sound of Music
  8. Chicago
  9. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  10. Oliver

That said, I have until this weekend to finish the battleground quests, I have two left: Alterac Valley where I capture a tower and Warsong Gulch where I cap a flag..the latter is much easier. I was able to hook up with Pathe and Fredler in Arathi Basin for the other achievement & we won the BG. Good times healing Pathe, he’s more of a mark than I was. This achievement should put me around 4100 pts to date. I didn’t do last years event, cannot remember why…maybe I was out of town when it happened….but I did get the “Willy” pet (it looks like the one-eyed monster from Big Trouble In Little China). He’s very cute. Yes. Cute. Ugly….but cute.

Like the past few years some people will be playing less and less, good weather, summer vacation all reasons not to being playing WoW as often so If you see a dip in members signing in those may be the reasons. Don’t be discouraged though, like all things it will wax and wane. Starting this Sunday I will be playing less as I will be making my annual journey to D.C. for work. I plan on having a Gyro w/Hummus with Obama sometime during my visit to see about changing the policies of our tax codes. We all pay too much. Bringing my Leet Laptop so I do plan on logging in…once I settle in each night…these trips are great and terrible at the same time. I will miss my family a lot, I will have work stress (applies extra Rogaine) and dealing with everything that goes with what I do. Still, I’m thankful for being gainfully employed and enjoy what I do. I am blessed.

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