Annie & Willy

Willy (enlarged view)Orphan (Children’s Week) Annie is ranked among my Top 10 musicals I can stand to watch from beginning to end. The others are: (Non-Disney..I like most Disney Animation Musicals)

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. James and the Giant Peach
  3. Grease
  4. Moulin Rouge
  5. Little Shop of Horrors
  6. Annie
  7. Sound of Music
  8. Chicago
  9. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  10. Oliver

That said, I have until this weekend to finish the battleground quests, I have two left: Alterac Valley where I capture a tower and Warsong Gulch where I cap a flag..the latter is much easier. I was able to hook up with Pathe and Fredler in Arathi Basin for the other achievement & we won the BG. Good times healing Pathe, he’s more of a mark than I was. This achievement should put me around 4100 pts to date. I didn’t do last years event, cannot remember why…maybe I was out of town when it happened….but I did get the “Willy” pet (it looks like the one-eyed monster from Big Trouble In Little China). He’s very cute. Yes. Cute. Ugly….but cute.

Like the past few years some people will be playing less and less, good weather, summer vacation all reasons not to being playing WoW as often so If you see a dip in members signing in those may be the reasons. Don’t be discouraged though, like all things it will wax and wane. Starting this Sunday I will be playing less as I will be making my annual journey to D.C. for work. I plan on having a Gyro w/Hummus with Obama sometime during my visit to see about changing the policies of our tax codes. We all pay too much. Bringing my Leet Laptop so I do plan on logging in…once I settle in each night…these trips are great and terrible at the same time. I will miss my family a lot, I will have work stress (applies extra Rogaine) and dealing with everything that goes with what I do. Still, I’m thankful for being gainfully employed and enjoy what I do. I am blessed.


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