Jim Rome’s Smack Off ’09 & My Right Hand Man or Woman…

I was only able to listen to Jay Mohr’s smack off. If you don’t know what the Jim Rome smack off is click here. Basically it’s callers (non-famous) besides Jay Mohr…call in and go off on a sports theme bashing of any number of topics and obscure references. Today Jay Mohrs was on top, I hope to find a transcript of it soon and post it. I was in tears driving up College Bvld on the way back from a blissful lunch with my wife. Tears.

Tonight I don’t see me playing much of WoW unless it’s checking mail from the AH or late logging in. I do want to see about doing some type of organized leadership take hold by a select few whom I can 100% trust to handle raid events, drama and lead when s when I’m not around/offline. I know the officers rank is supposed to do that but there are only so many ranks and limited amount (8)? I need a new rank of 2nd in command. This person is responsible for maintaining the guild as a whole.  I will go more into that when I return from D.C. next week.

I believe my love and I will be seeing Star Trek late– first with me playing some Magic the Gathering for Friday Night Magic. Been awhile since I’ve played….looks to be fun and I get to collect on some barter freelance items. I design for Magic cards.


Hoping a late night log in will result in me getting the title “Matron” as I’m still in need of the battleground achievements for the stupid mother fookin kids week. Not that the event is stupid, the BG’s quest achievements ARE FUCKING Stupid. I’d rather watch CSPAN. I just have the WSG and AV to do…sounds easy huh? Not on our cross-over PvP battlegrounds….the Horde mostly have their shit together in those BG’s. I will give it the ol’ jr. college try. On a lighter fun note I’m sitting at 4100 achievement points. woot woot!

Ciao Bella’s!


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