Leveling WookieLuv

After much soul searching I decided to level up my Hunter, WookieLuv. The quandry I had was what was best for the guild, how can I help, what is needed. I asked those questions for months now, usually while I drop my kids off at the pool or when I go to lunch. My initial and obvious goal for the guild was to make my tank. Pre WoTLK I had dual roles, I was both Main Tank and Main Healer (Wootbeer and AK). AK is heals of course but we have a nice array of heals in the guild now where we usually  have no issues with healing roles. We lack Tanks. Well we did. Sorta, all depends on the day of the week. I have a DK (73) and Wootbeer (72) as well as my 55 Paladin all aimed at being Tanks…but I miss having almost no responsibility in a raid/grp (aka DPS).

Wook was my first toon and first to hit 60 and 70. Now he sits at 71 wondering where the love went. I can tell you exactly where it went. HEALS. I made AK for the sole purpose of healing our guild…and I like it. Not ‘liked’ but ‘like’, as in present tense. I do need to mix it up though.

So I begin my goal of getting Wook to level 80 BEFORE June 2nd. I can do it. I think. I mean, yes…I can DO IT!!!! (with the guilds help of course). I will be balancing PvE runs with BG’s. Current spec is Marksmanship until I get higher in level then I will play with hybrid specs. Using my cat “AlixAndria” as my faithful companion I think it will be very fun getting to know my hunter again.

Guild News

  • Our resident Fredler was hacked Monday morning around 3 a.m. Apparently someone logged in, took the max items from our guild bank (wasn’t a big deal..) on  all 5 tabs, relogged his alts– rinse and repeat. He filed his tickets and I’m sure Blizzard will do him right with replacing it all- mainly his gold and gear. I don’t care about the bank items. I wish him a speedy recovery!
  • Recruitment / Loss is at a nice median. We lost 3 last week because once they hit 80 they wanted to do Naxx. When we told them no they’re not ready they left. I think that was for the best. Much like the KC Royals, we, for some players tend to be the leveling guild for them. They use us until they hit 80, then feel like grass is greener syndrome. Maybe in some cases it is greener, however we stress friendship first and casual play…they knew that coming in.
  • Naxx is coming along nicely under the direction and leadership of Logtar and Frotobaggins, they’re dedication to get us ramped up and organized for raids is slowly but surely paying off with the Arachnid wing being taken down last week. The Vault has been on 10 man farm for weeks now (sans the new boss). I appreciate everyone’s invovlement with the guild. Thank You!

Last week I was in D.C. for a Tradeshow and was only able to come back late Sunday, so I have some catching up to do at work, family and WoW wise but bear with me I’ll be back online. My In-Laws are in town all week so my gametime maybe relegated to past 10 p.m. timeline and I will be up for instances with Wook. Thanks for the longer than usual read.



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2 responses to “Leveling WookieLuv

  1. Froto

    Well, they cleared spider wing last week. But i was not part of it. They do not need me anymore! lol
    We got someone to fill my slot with great dps and enhance ments for the raid. So Vlo took my spot on his shammy and they beat all the bosses in the spider wing. I think they are trying plague next but that boss was hard with the mind controls. Sokym did some reading on it and has a new strategy i am sure they will succeed this time.

  2. We DO need you!!! Don’t go running to THE ELITE SUCKAGE now… I’ve done the MC’s 1/2 dozen times and timing is key. Priests need to ‘focus’ target and announce the cooldown and have the other OT take it for what should only be 3 second for us to Re-MC. Just takes some practice.

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