Memorial Day Thanks!

My Father and Mother’s family all were in the Armed Forces, My grandfather (dad’s side) was there on D-Day. He was part of the forces that also advanced in the “Black Forest” and were constantly shelled with mortars. He survived only to have a tragic car accident a few years later back in North Dakota, I never met the man but he looked like an imposing figure. My cousins all served in the service on both sides of the family, my friend have as well.

To all past, current and future service men and women, thank you for the sacrifces you have given in order for us to enjoy this most awesomest country in the WORLD. Thank You.



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2 responses to “Memorial Day Thanks!

  1. Wow, I woulda said you’re welcome without the boobies. But they are a nice touch man!

  2. Lilmack

    my father served in the army back during desert storm & desert shield he served for 8yrs. i have 3 friends serving in the military at this moment (1 navy, 1 marine & 1 national guard) i dont hear from them much, but when i do im glad to hear their all doing ok. i wish them all the best of luck and a safe trip back home =)

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