What are we doing?


Sometimes as I sit in traffic, sit on the pot, just before I doze off on a power knap/nap I wonder what are we doing playing WoW. Specifically with this guild. The original idea when I started it was to get away from “Flurry United” and it’s asshats who thought they could micomanage each member. As the story goes about 200 of us came over from Star Wars Galaxies and joined ‘Flurry United” – “Flurry” being the name of our SWG server. It imploded and I made this guild. Sokym is the only remaining member active on this server from the ‘original’ crew of 10.

Anyways…I’ve always liked being in control. Still do. Sure it’s easier in some cases to let others run guilds/groups and organized social aspects and etc. etc. In the case of a WoW Guild I wanted a home for other players where they can just be themselves. They wouldn’t have to pretend to be this elite asshole. No pressure. No over bearing rules. Of course we all need some structure otherwise what’s the point? I’ve been very happy with the 3 mergers we’ve had over the past 3 years and more recently the “Gutbusters” (wtf is up with that name?). Much thanks to Logtar on his puggin with you all and helping it come to guild merger fruition, it’s not an easy thing to do. I think we’ve come along very nicely in the past 6 months. Indeed. Shout outs commence…

It took me 7 months to get Froto to join us and like 34 runs in ZG before he finally relented and joined the evil Empire. His cool kat attitude much like Obama comes thru vent and soothes the ladies (and gents) into a calmer, peaceful tude. He can also bang a gong like none other.

I love having our little chats in tells Fredler. “…” should be your middle name. You keep me smiling.

Moon & Star : the consumate WoW couple who add such depth to our ranks of fun loving people who need to move to a bigger city with more restraunts and less mold. Also meeting them in person was a great opportunity to put names and face together!

Pathe: Fellow Designer and Freelancer (thanks for the recent leads!), new baby on the way! Always ready to help others out. Always. We go back a long time now and it’s been a great ride (and will continue to be!).

Colleen!: Our former tank but really want’s to be a Hunter babe! We’ve had great convos in tells! We are all very happy you remained with OS when the Elite Few decided to “Be”. Hope to see you more online when you can!

Nyghtkill: The harsh sounding brash sounding sometimes slurred speech patterns sometimes overheard on my vent sends my Poodle downstairs with her tail tucked between her legs. This guy’s middle name is “grind”. Love ya man.

Smidgeon: New addition but a breath of fresh air! Plus who can’t love a 3 ft tall Mage with an overabundence of great attitude!?!

Ygraane: All she does is heal. And heal like mad (even if she’s Logtars pocket healer *chuckle*), a person I met a few times over lunch and her positive attitude in real life crosses over to WoW life. We all love her!

Damayan: His voice is distant on vent, subdued and realtively quiet but he has come along way in this guild, contributions, DPS ranking up and helping others comes naturally to him. His accent reminds me of “Deliverance”.

Sokym: My longest MMO friend of all time. Going on 6 years of multiple gaming: SWG, LoTR, Vanguard, WoW and other LAN games. If there is one person that has been with me through nearly all experiences (gaming) it’s Sokym. I just wish he and his family would move to good ol U.S.A.!

Logtar: Took me a few weeks but I was among many who tried to get him turned onto WoW and voila! it worked. Seeing him from level 1 and hitting 80 has been a great journey.

Sam: We met vicariously through the WoW Forums with the daily “Good Morning” posts and hooked him with one of my many posts about recruiting. Sam is what I call a “Utility Belt”. He can handle ALL types of classes in WoW and make them his own. Class act!

Axloon: Next to Alagorn he’s been here nearly since the beginning, I love that he’s still here helping whenever he can and bringing his even/calm demeanor to the table. Hopefully he will hit 80 before Christmas!

Alagorn: Reminds me a lot of Sokym. Dependable, trustworthy and so very happy he remains an important part of OS.

Honjuder! : Stepping up to the plate and taking on a role of TANK for OS has been a tremendous asset to our progression. Great outlook on life and fun to be around.  Maybe one day you can go back to DPS. (not).

Theydrin: Our resident Elite player who pugs with the best of them! Offers Mega DPS when needed!

Beigstvo: Carrot Man! Whole Foods Dood! Druid through and through! Fellow HUSKER! He maybe taking a break from WoW as he tends to do…Patrick fills the role of Tank, DPS and Healer with style and fun. Listening to him in Vent is a treat as well. I look forward to meeting up with him next time we are in Omaha.

Dragnort: Old Schooler Original. Another person I love in the guild and whom is a pleasure knowing.

There are others in guild but these are ones I wanted to list and focus on with their contributions, words of advice, helpfulness and overall enjoyment of knowing them. This is what this guild is about. Friends. This is ‘what are we doing’. We are making memories with eachother and spending time (precious as it is) with eachother in a venue that is WoW.

Just wanted to say Thank You!

Your Humble Guild Leader


When your opponent is AFK, GANK 'em! (Logtar when he was 62 in Hellfire)


(Fredler 2 weeks ago)


Pathe and his Wife

World of Warcraft

For Tyiako…..

World Of Warcraft

Not me.

and last but not least..





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3 responses to “What are we doing?

  1. Wow that dude looks like he was the star quarterback in high school!

    Love the LOL cats.

    Thanks for the props! The Gutbusters were great peps, if was not in The Old School I would have probably gladly joined them, it was awesome to be able to bring so many good people over.

  2. moondust

    We old gutbusters have been very happy with joining old school. It has been very good for both guilds to move forward.

    Lots of great people with personality in our guild .

    I love that you can pop into vent and be laughing and joking around even if you aren’t logged into the game. I think some of the hard core raiding guilds are missing out on our “family” atmosphere.

    We have fun running old instances for achievements, or low alt characters thru lowbie instances.
    Plus we have a wonderful group with professions that step up and help when u need something made for a character.

  3. Colleen

    As Log said, thanks for the props! I know I don’t do much in the game, but I definitely love being there anyway. I’ll probaby come back someday, right now I’m just not into it though…see you guys tomorrow night!

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