To teh N00bs

Fredler mentioned lastnight … that some of these new recruits ignore our mention of rules and where to read them. If one looks up top of this post there is a page dedicated to our rules and guidelines. Urkle was apparently asking for handouts of gold. He left shortly after when he didn’t get any. This is typical. Unfortunate but typical for those type of players who don’t want to work for it…walked through instances, power leveled, grabbing at the coat tails of their guild leaders.I copied and pasted the initial section of our rules below.

First and foremost we expect common courtesy and respect. Without that the guild cannot work. Rules are as follows.

  • No spamming for gold, runs. You can ask once or twice but if you ask excessively you will be warned once then booted if you persist on being annoying and basically worthless to the guild.
  • No abusive language to other members. Period. If you have an issue with someone take it to tells, NOT in guild chat. If it cannot be resolved ask a Council Member or Chief of Staff..or ask me.
  • Do not talk down to your guild mates. EVERYONE was new once so please refrain from belittling your friends in guild. We are not the uber speak, 1337 esque guild….
  • If you have friends and family members that play your character please understand their actions and words are YOURS. If they cause drama and issues in the guild it is ultimately your responsibility.

I don’t care if you are level 19 or 80, if you cannot fend for yourself in having gold in your account for repairs, reagents or simple purchases then this is not the guild for you. We are not and will not be your ATM. Good luck mooching off others.

Second issue when new players come to our guild. You have to remember we are not super dooper hardcore lets do something 24/7. Just because you ask for a run and no one wants to run it (at that time) doesn’t mean we don’t care. It means we are busy with our own play time and priorities. Don’t get your g-string in a bunch if you can’t find a group in your first 10 mins of being in OS. This is still a low population (for Alliance) server and every guild has issues with grouping, not just us. Be patient.  Even, I have problems getting groups- especially if I’m not healing. It’s the way of the game.

So, you are or maybe asking yourselves “Why Am I in Old School??!”  I’ll tell you why! We are a great bunch of mature players and will do most anything for you ingame and in some cases real life. We are a family, tightnit. We help eachother on many levels, professions, Quests, Raid, Gear, Gold*, Achievements, you name it and this guild is open arms. Next question is “Why aren’t you treating me like one of the guys/gals then?!”  I’ll tell you why!  Because our love and trust doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build the trust factor. We’ve been burnt soooo many times with so called friendship and “I ain’t leaving Old School! Ever!!” but when something happens they hightail it for greener grass or in more recent events, delusions of grandeur. Trust. When you gain the main core players trust in Old School you are pretty much set. The time it takes you to get there is entirely up to you. Your interactions with guild members, your chatting in our vent, signing up for events, making your own events, helping others with quests,– BASIC participation will shoot you up to the top of our collective “Hey, I like so-and-so!” let’s help him/her!

So that’s it in a nutshell.

Let’s recap if you are new to OS, shall we?  We shall.

  1. Don’t ask for gold. Period.
  2. Don’t spam Heroic runs.
  3. Don’t be an elitist jerkwad. Be respectful.
  4. Be patient.
  5. Use vent.
  6. READ the RULES.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!



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