Raising Arizona

I haven’t been on as much. My family issues have taken precedence. I have an 18 year old with an identity crisis. I know a few of you have been through the “just out of High School and I know everything” phase with your kid(s), but this is our first. As such my time in WoW is curbtailed but not my love for the game. I love grouping up with my home slices and cutting the rug on NPC’s. I love listening to Nyghtkill and his annunciations of words in dialect one hears only in movies.

My weekend was busy with family events, taking my son halfway to Omaha to spend a week with his cousin. I will guess he will come back sleep deprived and taller. He’s nearly 6ft tall now if not already and about to be in H.S. I don’t long for our future fights. I don’t. Kids suck in that respect, they maybe little versions and mixtures of their parents but at times it’s like W T F??? are you doing!??!  Maybe it’s my deep seated cynicism. Maybe it’s him or them….but moreover I’m OK with all of this noise. It’s a part of our lives, the tests and tribulations that we go through that makes us…be. My wife is having a hard time of it and we are dealing with the situation as best we can…I’m the bad cop, shes the eternal good cop. lol go figure.

I normally don’t expound about my life on this blog, you don’t really need to know this and that but it’s nice to get it out and in the open from time to time. Writing things like this helps in a small way, I think the big word is cathartic.

My goal of WookieLuv hitting 80 failed but I have valid excuses. (below)

  • It’s the SUMMER!!!
  • Kids!
  • The weather is grrrreat!
  • Kids
  • House work including gardening, mowing, etc.
  • kids…..
  • Vacation!!!!

So…there you have it. Nuff said said Stan Lee.


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