Saturday Night Live Guild Party!

Short notice, but…fuggit. We are planning a Beer Garden Dalaran guild party – all friends are invited. Colleen our resident REAL FEMALE (OMGWTFBBQ!) is retiring from WoW and is going to focus on real life (OMGWTFWWOD : “What Would Obama Do).

  • Where: Dalaran Beer Garden – if you are under level I will have my lock logged on to summon you. So no excuses about “UmmmIcan’tgoI’mkillingHoggerAndOnlyALevel12”
  • When: 7 P.M. Server Time.
  • Why: Friendly FareTheWell to Colleen and an excuse to drink ingame and have blurred vision. We also had Nyghtkill leave for another Guild- he said the reason was their “Raid” times fit his schedule and his friends have been bugging him to join them…..
  • Who: All guildies and friends. Invite anyone, including Lawman.

Sad to see people quit, move on but that too is part of this game. I talk to Colleen in Facebook quite a bit and know Nyghtkill will be back (most always come back to OS). Hope to see you all Saturday Night!




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3 responses to “Saturday Night Live Guild Party!

  1. Colleen

    I’m stoked! Definitely the worst thing about leaving is the fact that Jeff might take my characters and put them in the Elite Few….it makes my insides squirm, but alas. Someday I will come back, hijack the account and boot it back to OS! I love you guys, I’m so disgustingly emotional I MIGHT actually cry tomorrow night…*sigh*

  2. Great times at the Party! Thanks to all who were able to show up! I think our bunny brigade was truly epic event. Thanks again!

  3. codeshared

    Come on Guys,,, Slay them All!!!!! LoL

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