Laid Back

Twas a laid back weekend in the World of Warcrack. A lot of us logged in Saturday Night at 7pm for Colleens retirement (for now) party at the Beer Garden. Drinking both electronically and physcially ensued, vent was hoppin, we hopped all around Dalaran including a Winters Grasp Bunny Run. Good times.

I spoke with “Bal” from The Order of the Templar yesterday, we are coordinating Raid events with eachother. They recently had some raid issues and are now lacking some fill spots and asked if we would be interested in running with them. They have weekend raids – 25 mans only every Sat and Sun at NOON. If you are interested I need to KNOW. Please email me ingame or post here the name of your toon/spec/stats. I will pass this information along to Bal and his guild. They need ALL classes *not just heals and tanks*. They currently are doing weekly Ulduar 25 man runs, running 2 10m Ulduars. It’s a great opportunity for indivduals to get in on this if you have your weekends open. They have the same Loot rules we do-  simply Roll Class and Main Spec. if no one needs then you can roll Off Spec. They are very fair when it comes to loot…

Deathpool and Dragnort BOTH hit level 80 this weekend CONGRATS!!! It aint EZ leveling toons, it’s rather boring. =P Good Job Fellas!

We also got back Mewfox and have some others recently logging on! Let’s continue to try and recruit new members, 70+…you all know the types of people we like.


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  1. “World of Warcrack”

    That’s Funny!!!

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