WoW Roundup

101 on Shadowpriest, a guide of sorts. by Codeshared

Chinese WoW over. No more CCF! I wonder how this will affect the gold around the world, even though most gold comes from Taiwaan…I didn’t see any real explanation for WHY they shut it down. My guess is it was political. Communication being the antithesis of communism in China (mouthful) they decided not to renew the contract. Meh.

Site giving away 500,000 gold contest…..  you register then pick a name for their mascot, if you win you get 500kg. Now you can go buy your entire guild a Haris Pilton Bag! Buy every member an Epic Flyer! or..resell the gold. 😉

Tetris Creator plays WoW (female toon) — I would venture to say that a lot of ‘famous’ people play WoW. Or not. I might play it if I was famous. Or not. I know I would remain anonymous…imagine the tells if you were Zac Effron or Tom Cruise? Imagine HAVING Tom Cruise in your guild and on vent?!? Or not.

5 Things I learned from WoW from an intorvert article.  Cute but I’m still looking for the ‘4’ things.

Last but not least  Mt. Dews 2nd year into WoW foray. Get Horde or Alliance Loot, get registered, be cool, drink the DEW! You can only choose ONE side. No flip floppers.


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  1. Mack

    i put my names up for the piggy names, figured i’d let ya know what i picked so no one picks the same, lol. i had my brothers enter as well so i got 3 names down…. Harvey, Coco & Scruffy ^_^

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