Daily Dose of WoW News

I’m slowly changing the format – more adding more daily content to this blog. My idea, while not new, is to post relative links to the game we all love and loathe. A portal. A touchstone. A whatever. If you have cool news about WoW, please submit them to me via my email  n t knight3 @ y_aHoodotcom. OR simply post a reply (much easier too) with a link and I’ll relink (after reading it of course). I will also be adding a very long (er) blog roll based on WoW sites that are active and updated and it’s content is worth a click.

Daily Dose

News on upcoming Mount Changes: The BIGGEST news is you can have a mount (land) by Level 20. Yes…20 is the new 30 which was the old 40. Does this cheapen the efforts we vets put in, the work, the grinding, blood sweat and gankiness? Yes. It. Does.  (I’m  going to ask the questions and answer them myself here…) Does this make it easier to level? YES– no more walking = time saver. Does this make WoW that much easier and dumbed down? YES, but not more than it already is. Let’s face it, this game is a lot easier in the past 18 months. Why do this? Mass appeal. This game and it’s success is based on several factors, one of which is it’s ease of play and very low learning curve. Just ask anyone who have played various other MMO’s and they will give you a barrage of reasons why this WoW game is for simpletons.

I’m a proud simpleton. While I really don’t care about mounts at level 20, I just hope Blizzard makes the game have some worth to it. Why go thru all the grinding for months on end then have some 9 year old log in on Monday and be 80 by Wed AND have an epic mount? This is what killed SWG.

Latest Patch Notes 3.1.3 While not NEW news, it’s a good link to read while on the pot.

A cool YouTube based 101 on ingame Chat Commands

An OOPS Item ingame. I read this a few weeks ago and wondered what would I do in the same situation. I know what most would do. If I could resist the power it wielded I think it would have be like, totally awesome. Like, totally. Course, I’d have to make my own guild so I don’t get all of you banned. Basically, this player recieved a developers item – a chest piece that when activating it’s ability kills everything and I mean everything in ONE SHOT. Yes. ONE.

And the last link for today is a great article about What Casual Gaming (in WoW) is and it’s definitions by Robin Torres. I fit in several categories as do many of our members. I know it’s frustrating to be in this type of guild but it’s the only kind for me.



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3 responses to “Daily Dose of WoW News

  1. Liking the Daily Dose so far!

  2. Mounts at lvl 20 ? thats cool but it also pisses me off that when i was lvl 20 4 years ago i had to walk half way across the world to do anything! it is just me ! or these newbies have it good!???? at list now i will have it easy if i choose to make a new toon even though i doubt it , i hate lvling.

  3. Yea it pissed me off too for about 30 seconds. I understand why they’re making it more ‘easy’ it’s because the game has progressed and typically people level slowly. It’s heading more towards ‘casual’ play.

    Who wants to ‘walk’ everywhere?


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