Friday Update!

I logged in briefly lastnight and saw we were running OS, how’d it go? Did we ‘PWN’!?!!! =P Sure hope so! This week has been all Alo time! See, our kids are not in the house so we can actually focus on eachother and speak in fluid complete sentences. It’s amazing really. I love our kids but as those who do have kids (not people who borrow kids, babysit or visit kids) KNOW exactly what I mean. There is a sense of calm both audibly and metaphorically in the house.

Anywhoo– hope the run was a success, I also saw we added 2 more people to the guild and they’re 80! WOOT!  My weekend looks like limited play again as the weather is great, I get my kids back today and well…yeah.


Part 2 (or number 4) article about a writer’s experience in WoW. While a very short read shows a nice aspect of their experiences in WoW. by Tracy Wilson

Shaman Q&A: Very good article on where the devs see the class of Shamans in WoW. I have a Shaman but is super low, 20. I think they fit the “Utility” belt class (Druids and Paladins) in that they can do most everything ingame, whereas say Warriors are 2D (DPS or Tank).

WoW on Wiki: Ever wanted to know the History of WoW?

Laguna Art Museum will be featuring WoW Art and it’s history. Wish I could see this first hand….being a artist myself I love the concept art as well as the trading card game art. I’ve met with a couple of WoW artists and had some prints signed as well. Blizzard does what WotC does (Wizards of the Coast) when they design concepts, they contract out the art to a wide variety of artists. Some are well known but a majority are unknowns and I love that fact that it’s the variety they give to these artists to influence the game.

Porn Star tat’s herself for a Gold Farming Website. LOL. 500k…and here’s a quote from the company paying her “The company feels that the link between porn, the internet, and online gaming is as strong as the pairing of peanut butter and jelly, making this an excellent fit.” Classic indeed.

Peggle in WoW. I was more hoping for Poker…

Oh yes, almost forgot. I will be re-designing the blog as time goes on…into…the EDGE OF NIGHT!




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  1. Julia

    Dear admin,

    Do you sell banner ads on your blog?

    If it is ok, please drop me a message, thanks!


    Julia Konti

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