Daily Dose .003

Lore..what is it? Is it important to you? These questions are posed… to me, it is important for an indepth game brand; WoW, Star Wars, Conan, LoTR etc. It has to be kept true to it’s history for several reasons. One main reason is storyline, keeping inline with Lore or Story with it’s own timeline of events is crucial otherwise what’s the point? Lore also allows the developers to have rules and also create new opportunities and expand on them. Look at the last 2 expansions for WoW– BC and LK…they allow you to go deeper into the Lore and see who is what and what is what. I’m personally more into Star Wars lore and have a few books on it’s comprehensive history from year ZERO. Like in RL, having some background knowledge makes gaming more authentic and have some link of quasi realism to your own fantasies (non-sex of course). As we all know SEX is bad.

From WoWGRrl.com Six Steps for Reducing “Pain” on Raiding– Great, short, article on steps one can use not only in WoW but life in general.

Our recent Guild Recruitment thread on the WoW Forums. Tee Hee, Tee Hee.

Microsoft Sues World of Warcraft Canadian Credit Farmers! True Story – Blame Canada or not?

WOOT! New BG! Check it out for those into PvP   40 v 40. Called “Call of the Crusade” to be introduced in the next patch– small details here as well.

And last dose is how SONY is still green with envy….some poor developer (Ryan Barker )making excuses for his failure (and a lot of others…..) and how WoW’s days are numbered…of course things will end, all things end. Point is with over 11.5 million subscribers at 14.95 a month buys a lot of self preservation. What a marooon…you have the keys to the world’s most amazing franchise “Star Wars”….and you failed. EverQuest rocked until your team decided to neglect the player base- just like SWG. The thing Blizzard does (currently) is it LISTENS to it’s players. It takes critcism and actually cares about fixing issues– I wonder if Ryan Barker has ever read the Patch Notes of WoW….course I could be wrong in my assumptions that Sony Online Entertainment doesn’t care about it’s players. But I’m not.


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