Midsummer Fire Festival


This weekend marked the Midsummer Fire Festival – I had done most of these last year but with the new expansion there was some additional spots/ap’s to cover. The very first one we did was taking down the Boss in Slave Pens– last year I pugged it a few times but never got the achievement (70 Elite Boss) but we One-Shot it with Aloea, Froto and Fredler. I got the fantastical looking Scythe from “Ahune, The Frost Lord” The other drops are some caster and tank capes- it’s a “Daily” Boss so each person can take it on per day in your group much like the Headless Horsemen. The loot itself isn’t great since they never updated it from last year so it’s 70 quality but very good 70 items. Take your alts, it’s worth it. Only thing to know on this fight (if your under 80) is when he becomes ‘vulnerable’ to DPS the crap outta him. Especially under 100k.– do not worry about the adds. If your 80…it’s cake. Healers that are 80– simply watch your add aggro as they can pushback your spells. Good luck and get the Achievements!

I hit 4300 last night in Achievement Points just after I logged off– I hope to add another 100 by end of July. These Midsummer events are easy to do but you do have to be methodical to get the “Title” as they require you to do dailies at the Capital Cities – and you will need several hundred to cash in for the ‘outfit’. I got the chest piece and only need the shoulders and shoes. This goes until July 4th– so you should have no problems.

I do have a quick warning if you are ‘searching’ for locations of the bonfires– please ONLY GO TO TRUSTED SITES– I clicked too fast lastnight an went to an unknown site and BOOM! it was trying to download an .exe file– luckily my lightning fast reflexes were able to not have any maliciousware hit my computer. Thing that ‘caught’ me was I searched on GOOGLE and it was the first top HIT on the list, normally this means its a safe bet to click…but no. So please, go to wowwiki, wowhead and the ones you KNOW are safe to visit. Don’t be a foo!

Oh– the boss (Lord Ahune) does drop a pet— which is totally awesome and I wants!Works on both Reg and Heroic. (from what I’ve read)


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