Daily Dose .004 & Midsummer done!


Finally got the Midsummer Event Title lastnight, just had to top off the 100 blossoms (hehe). I think I was in the middle of the pack for finishing it. I highly recommend you fly to all the bonfire locations if not for the achivement but for the gold. Alliance pays 6.5 gold and Horde pays 13.5g each. These can be every day until July 4th as well as the Torch quests at the Capital Cities.

The new forums/website is coming along and much thanks to those who signed up. Froto asked a good question “Now what?” Here’s my short list…

  • Add events to the calendar
  • Post in the forums items you are looking for (maybe someone can ‘add’ a trade section)
  • Talk about how cool Froto’s pet is
  • Update our raid/instance progression
  • Post in the forums about how you got started in WoW
  • Post a “Shout Out”
  • Add links to the link page
  • Use the “Boss Strat” page and fill it up with useful information
  • Point others you know from ingame to the website

I’m still looking for volunteers to help Admin it.

I also added some runs for this coming weekend (ZG, Kara).

Daily Dose of WoW News (Featuring the “Examiner”)

A new BoA (Bind on Account) Chestpiece is coming out with the new patch (3.2). A nice article from Lacy Wilson. My Paladin already has the Shoulders so I’m saving my tokens. Article also mentions this and how your old badges can be exchanged for the new ones. I wish the old-old ones could do the same maybe 2:1– from Burning Crusade- AK has 140 or so…

Guide to the Argent Tournament: by Lacy (again). Speaking of Lacy she looks alot like the chick on Tila Tequila that almost made it to the finals on MTV. Or maybe it’s me and my amusement of the hair styles of Ted Koppel overtaking teens and 20’s…

Lacy also goes into detail about the Argent Dailies, more specifically “Threat from Above”. Very good read and inspirational that I need to get off my T-7.5 @ss and get these done!

WoW.com’s report on the Heirlooms with screenshots.

Andrew Powers of the Examiner also has a few details on the new patch. This one is on a new event called (tentatively since it’s still in testing) Pilgrims Bounty. Sounds interesting, I love new events.  Speaking of…what does Blizzard plan on doing for 2010 when all these current achievements are completed? Assuming they keep them for other people to do– these achievements can be addictive. The only one I didn’t complete was the LOVE FOOL line– so I have to wait another 18 months for the Drake (if it’s still available). I can imagine the ‘fun’ aspect of the R & D department for WoW….

By the way “The Examiner” is an open based website where YOU write the articles and get paid doing so– while th amount is small, if you like to write it’s an excellent venue to get noticed.


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