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Off week

Sheesh, rl calls! Patrick/Beigstvo/Hordelvr is in town for a couple days and is staying with us for a spell, I had a quick meeting for freelance last night then we all hung out and watched a movie lastnight so I was unable to steal away for some WoW time. Hopefully by end of week I will see more play time. Wootbeer is certainly jonesing for some face time. Those who are blessed to have kids know that school is less than a month away so our playtime may increase of decrease depending on your activity with schools… mine will be iffy– my sons first HS year so it will be interesting & fee expensive. =P

I think tonight I may get on late in the evening depending on what we are doing tonight with Patrick– *shrug*  I think we may end up making some bread….anywhoo just wanted to give a heads up on my recent afkzzzz.


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LFG need tank…’invite!’

Let it be known, let it be said. This game of WoW is a game of wonder. Playing solo has been a new found fun for me, the past week the avg. amount of guildies online is 2. Me & Crystal. She’s a solo player too as she said she stopped asking for help a long time ago, though I do offer everytime I log in. Brian pops in for his daily “…”, Sam hops on when he’s not Garmin’ing it up, Sokym and I bump into eachother every now and then and Patrick is…Patrick. Zintadel is just as quiet as before but there in spirit, basically the guild is silent. I get tells from formers saying ‘Let me know if you need help…” etc. and I truly appreciate it, I’m just leveling up Wootbeer and WILL ask for help when I have time for instances, 3-5 man quests and the like but for now I’m pugging and knockin down the Quest Log one by one and enjoying every minute of it. I love the fact I can go from DPS to TANK in seconds. Love it. Look for my pst’s once I hit 80 and need heroics!

Lastnight I got a tell from “Lawman” to tank up DTK and took the invite, they had a shitty tank that quit on them before the 2nd boss. We cleared it up until big Dino as our DPS had to leave so I invited Hordelvr to fill in, we then proceeded to clear again and Woot got one DPS upgrade and the achievement. (and 2 bars). They must have had a really bad tank before because I was given Kudos throughout the run, only once did we wipe as our mage aggroed the entire spider room including the encased NPC’s. The rest, was cake. I always attribute my success to the entire group since everyone has a role — too much dps and you get aggro, to little and we die, too much heals and healer dies then we all die, me not being able to crowd control = wipe, all these things you already know but it takes ONE piece missing to fuck it up. Lastnights group pug wasn’t missing a thing. Thanks Patrick for the quick fill in.

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And in response to Obama’s infomercial…


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Happy Birthday AlixAndria!

To my wonderfulest most beauty-est wife! Happy Birthday!!! You are the among the rarest of Epics I’ve stumbled upon and you definitely ‘binded when equipped’. As a matter of fact you go beyond a ‘Purple Epic’ you are ‘Legendary’ to me!

The way you pwn’d Hogger back in the day, the way the Ironforge lava shines off your hair in just the right light makes being with you that much cooler. I can remember the day you and I ran down the Warsong Gulch Ramp and we both Teabagged the Boomkin with our flag. Precious moments. Precious.

I love the way you would spend countless hours scouring he Auction House looking for that perfect outfit, damn the stats! If it looked good you had to have it and I was happy to oblige you with as much gold as your hearts desired.

Whenever you ‘soul drained’ a Horde my heart went ‘pitter-patter’ seeing the purple glow surrounding your already brillant aura is a sight to be seen by all.

We’ve been through alot – in RL and GL (game life for you underlings) and I am looking forward to our time in the future killing Zergs, Protoss and Marines with Starcraft 2 (SOoN!!!). You are the ultimate dream for gamers Alo. How many 36-24-32 Babes can run the WSG flag in a string bikini underwear??!  I am very lucky indeed to have spent these past 5 Birthdays together!

I hope you have a fantastical day my LOVE!!!!!  Happy Birthday!


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Friends don’t let Friends run Azjol Nerub


That was the quote from ‘Fredler’ last night midway through the ‘regular’ instance and I couldn’t agree more. Everyone has their least favorite places to run and their favorites. For me AzNer is in the middle – almost entirely dependent upon the group. We had Me, Fred & Hordelvr (Patrick) along with a TOSA and his/her friend pickup (pug). Apparently they have never been seeing how I was called out for my tanking abilities for us wiping twice on the initial trash and wave of mobs before first boss. I, being of sound mind and patience stated AFTER we killed the boss that those mobs 2 of the 3 are not tauntable once they go into beserker mode.

“Noteworthy are the Anub’ar Skirmishers that are part of the very first trash waves. They enrage and target a random group member for 10 seconds. Immune to taunt and most CC except stuns. Can two shot cloth wearers. Enrage can be dispelled by hunters and rogues.” ~WoWWiki

I think they understood. I have much thanks to give to Fredlers pet “No Stripes??” she tanked the off adds to a “T”. We cleared the rest with no other wipes and I was able to upgrade 3 more items (tanking pieces) so my level 76 defense is sitting at 507. Woot!

Normally I would leave AzNer alone but I want to be an actual completionist with Wootbeer. I want to clear every quest. Every group quest. Every instance quests. All. And this was on my list. I had just finished up ‘Nothing Boring about Borean” the day before so I was on the right track…as long as I don’t get distracted. =)

It was nice to see 2 of our guildies running OS with Moon, Star, Aloea etc. and after a lot of attempts, clearing it. I understand Honjuder ‘discovered’ the Master Looter feature. =P Zintadel walked away with a cute dragon purse.

The guild recruiting is as expected, slow and low that is the tempo. Lost some gained some. I posted this yesterday, If you were in The Old School last week with alts you are welcome to join back up, just ask one of us online. Not sure whose on? Go to the search option and type “Old School” to see who is online.

Cyall 2-nite


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Small steps

Whirling Dervish week of WoW! Guild split, Argent rep, Wootbeer almost level 77, adding some new members– sheesh. I calculated things stir up around the 9th month. Like having a child it’s a wonderous thing of beauty, not necc. the 9 months leading up to the birth but you may get the point. The ladies/mother’s out there and real fathers know what I mean…seeing it grow from a little bump to a full blown C-Section! lol

Talking with Sam and Sokym they both have sage out looks on life and it’s bumps in the roads, Sokym has very keen views about the bigger picture and pyshcological aspects of behaviors which I soak up quickly. Sam is the cheerful cynic with advice that rings true of “everythings gonna be alright”. I want to publicly THANK those two for helping me with my questions about this past week and not beating around the bush(es). Muchos Nachos!

I mentioned before that I will re-start-re-cruiting in a week from now as I want to make sure there is no more issues within the guild. Nothing says ‘fugly’ than someone logging on then /guildquit. I also jumped the gun on asking for people to remove alts from the guild, that was my mistake and reactionary that was uncalled for. If you want an alt in my guild back in, just ask.

Wootbeer – which I call my ‘4th Daughter’ hit 2 levels in 2 days with the help of guildies and pugs. She’s dual spec and ready for her cold flying mount in a few days. She has mostly Tanking gear from WoTLK and few PvP/PvE gear but will soon catchup to the better gear. I forgot how fun Warriors can be, I’ve been doing mostly solo quests and am specc’d to crit like a mofo and am able to tear through nearly all quests. If you don’t have a warrior, I highly suggest you give one a try. Pathe is almost 70 with his Warrior and plans on helping with the ‘Tanking’ role once he hits the Eighty and we also have 1-2 others interested in filling needed roles. =D

See everyone “On” this week!



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I typed an entirely too long post about this weeks ‘happenings’ then deleted it. Twice. Those that left – sans Loggy- I understand your situation. I know. And yes, I’m sure you will be there for ‘help’ as so many have whispered me. Thank You. Sokym tends to put things in a certain light for me and even if I log in tonight and see he’s gone I will understand that as well. He made some very fine points lastnight about how certain nuances happen. The inner workings on why certain people do certain things.

I do want to make a point. I AM very ‘approachable’. Of all the things Loggy said, that was complete bullshit it was that statement. “You are unapproachable”. He should have said “I (loggy) can’t approach you”. Once things like these cross the line of personal then all pretense is out the window. The irony of the it all was NO ONE came to me in any form to talk to me about what they wanted out of OS. Not one.

These things happen to all guilds, new wants and needs and I’ve been through this more than a few times since my playing MMO’s. “I’m a veteran of the psychic wars” if I can paraphrase a Blue Oyster Cult song from HEAVY METAL.

I do wish my formers all the purples they so desprately want and there time in the game is rewarding. I’ve said it many times, these games are nothing without friends. Nice to see everyone still ‘together’.

To those who are still in The Old School – I’m still going with the ideals of playing for fun and casual. Will I be online everynight? No. Will I continually lead instances, quests to your own hearts desire? No. I believe you can do it yourselves without someone ‘leading’ you, but there are those that simply like to follow. I’m the GM for different reasons, I lead based on personal friendships and my own inner goals. I will continue to take 1-2 week breaks knowing full well the consequences of others taking advantage of my downtime with my family. I will continue to have an ‘open door’ when anyone wants to talk, tell me their concerns, needs and wants. I will also invite people ‘back’ to OS if they want to, though it will take some time for others to adjust to their new homes…

Even though people will say it’s ‘nothing personal’….whoya kidding? It is personal. I will still be here kickin and screaming my toons to level 80. Doing my dailies. Meeting more people. I hope most of you will continue to keep in touch.

— some notes to those who remain.

I will work on a new recruitment push in 2 weeks. I want to make sure there is some stability in my guild before subjecting new players to anymore drama. I will also recruit pretty randomly via forums, spam and grouping up with others. If you can think of a better way please let me know.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



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