I don’t gripe as much as other bloggers do or exemplify being masters of hypocriticalness. I can. I have. I don’t. Most people live in their comfortable bubbles when they blog, they have a specific audience and ‘followers’ who regularly read their posts and sometimes reply to said posts. My audience in this endeavor of blogging is limited to WoW and some friends (few), I do get some randoms showing up but for the most part (90%) it’s dedicated towards guild members/family. I try and focus on my audience and leave politics, religion, sex out of the posts and will continue to do so since my opinions on such topics tend to lean to the right and most of my friends are hippie liberals. No, today my gripe is with people who guild hop. Those wonderful @sshats who say one thing but mean another and have no balls to communicate when something isn’t right for them in the guild, they choose to simply leave. No word or if there is some words they are rehearsed with tinges of complete and utter bullshit.

I have no issues naming names and in this recent issue there is no need to name names. I won’t reference Ivanvonivan or Phrozen from the ‘Elite Few’ (chuckle)– as my target audience knows that – that’s water under the (Red)bridge. I’m making (god forbid) a general reference, blanket statement about individuals who like to guild hop everytime they get a paycheck. I will semi-preface this all with the reasons ‘WHY’- didn’t like the guild as a whole, not enough people online, assholes, not enough heroics, not enough runs at Naxx, OS, Ulduar etc. OK I get that. What I don’t get is where you thought once you logged in those in guild were at your beckoning? As if the entire guild revolved around you and your friends.

It also seems to be common practice at times, to use our guild as a stepping stone until you hit 80. Once you hit 80, you spam for Naxx *within hours of hitting 80*, runs in top Heroic instances then complain that were not ‘active’ enough for your tastes. It would be nice if those that practice the stone method would be upfront about it and say “Hey OS, I’m here to use you until I’m level 80 so I can join another guild since they don’t accept anyone under 80 or under geared! Thanks for all the fish!”. I think we’ve had 1 person do that and they were quickly kicked from the guild.

I get if you have RL friends or not RL friends in other guilds you want to hang with. I get that you want to see end game content. I get you can get bored with a laid back casual guild. I just wish you would be upfront with it. Talk to me about it, I’m very easy to talk to and very very approachable. I work with everyone when they come to me about their own specific needs and wants and try to make them happy. I refer them to other guilds I would personally be in if I wasn’t running my own. Communication is they key…the only key to most issues in life. Speak up. Have some balls. Don’t unguild without a single explanation to anyone. Yes, I get that it’s your time and money, yadadadyayaada…however your actions or lack thereof says a lot when you leave without explaining (for whatever reason).

Our mantra/mission statement is pretty simple. Old school prides itself in personal friendships in WoW. We don’t berate you for mistakes, don’t pressure you on many levels of playing. We simply love this game and want to be around those who also share the same ingame goals. While we love to see new end game content, gear up it’s not our main focus. Our focus is fun. Can you imagine??!?

Ok, so be sure to bookmark this, I don’t usually gripe/vent like this.



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3 responses to “Gripe

  1. Is hard keeping what is basicly an online family together. Logtar may have told you I use to run a virtual chatroom back in the day. But I’ve learned that people and LIFE itself just tend to move on. Best advice I can give is praze those who come in regulary to keep a core group going which in turn can be used to attract new members. But once that core group starts disapearing, It’ll be harder and harder to keep the guild going.

  2. I do praise the core group and appreciate everything they do (and don’t do). No, log didn’t mention you running a virtual chatroom but I totally understand life moves on and know most if not all things in life are non permanent. My post was about those who habitually guild hop and have this delusion that the grass is always greener mentality. An ounce of communication goes a long way.

    I’ve had many ups and downs running this guild and questioned myself as to ‘why’ and what not but in the end if I’m the only one left in the guild then there IS something wrong with me. =)

  3. It’s not possible to make all the people happy all the time. That said, TOS always has a solid core of people. OK sometimes they change out, come or go, but there is always some carry over. The current center of the guild is different than it was when I had to cut back, but they are just as fun.

    Anyway as to why people leave without explaining, I suspect some don’t believe that communication will help. They just assume that the guild (not just TOS) will be pissed and they want to avoid drama.

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