Happy 4th of July!

god bless america.jpg

This is the world’s greatest, bestest, awesomest, fantastical country in the entire civilized world! “Proud” doesn’t come close to naming how happy I am to be an American! I love my U.S. of A! I hope you and your family have a wonderful & safe holiday weekend. Don’t get too drunk and blow of your extremities while lighting up the fireworks! This is among my favorite holidays! (I know I’m early but I may not have access to the web!)

Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska during the 70’s I was able to experience traditions most people only see in movies or hear about. My 1975-1980 Independence days were played out in our neighborhood called “Keystone” and back then you actually KNEW your neighbors, you became friends with them. This was no exception. The entire Pinkney street would pretty much shut down our street. BBQ pits in yards, real Coca-Cola bottles strewn throughout everyones drive-ways in anticipation of them being blackened from Black Cat Bottlerockets. 5’x5′ plywood stations where the ‘big’ fireworks were set off by our drunken fathers. Earlier in the day several tree’s were littered with our “daytime” foreworks- mostly “Parachute” men, one of my favorites. All up and down the street were the tanks, sooo many tanks as well as snakes. We would write our names with hundreds of snakes all day. T  O  D  D plastered everywhere on my steps that lasted til next spring. I was allowed to light fireworks at a young age (8) since I had a healthy respect for things that go boom a previous summer where a ‘inch and a-halfer’ went off in my hand. Short wicks are the suck.

It went from morning til past midnight. Only a handful of nights where I could stay up past 10 pm. (New Years & Random parties my parents would throw were the other times). Great memories!

Have a GREAT one in the BEST COUNTRY IN D’ WORLD!!!!!!!!!


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One response to “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Colleen

    All right all right all right…I’ll let you guys have your glory, I suppose it WAS your country’s birthday too this past week… 😉 Happy Canada Day to meeee this past July 1st! I think I’m still the only active….well I guess not anymore….Canadian member in the guild haha. Hope you all had a great one 🙂

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