Our Omaha Trip & Visiting Patrick/”Biegstvo”

We celebrated our Independence Day in Omaha this past weekend (btw did I mention this is the best country evah??!) and was able to touch base with my sister. Our relationship has been iffy at best for the past 15 years or so but time heals. I was able to get ahold of Patrick from our guild via text msg’s then finally talked to him to where AlixAndria and I met up with him on a quiet rainy day in Dundee. Besides the hair impression is his height. He’s probably around 6 ft 3 inches tall. I was at immediate ease with him much like over vent and playing WoW with him for over a year now. I forget how we invited him to the guild…hrmmm.

Anyways, we sat and Alo and I had some drinks, me : 6 grape Port which tasted like pure untouched grape juice with zero filters. It tasted like poo. Alix had a dry Pinot. Patrick turned down and drinks or smokes, the establishment had a nice humidor. Seems to be a place for locals to drink & smoke in a square foot of maybe 20-25. Quaint it is.

Conversation was about food, gardening, the guild, family & friends. We ended up swinging by his house and checking out his inner workings of growing things (although he doesn’t grow anything during the summer months indoors…makes sense). Alix and I hope to visit at length next time we’re back in Omaha and perhaps if he’s down in our neck-o-woods he will visit us.

This is the 5th time I’ve met guild members and I always find it interesting to put the sounds, gear, voice to the person. Our first meeting was with “Dave” from the 2nd ressurection of OS- we met Dave near my house for some appz and drinks, wish the ending was better. I’ve also met “Ygraane, Recurve, Maxwell” via Logtar through some lunches, all 3 are fantastic down to earth people in thier own rights. We need to ‘do lunch’ again and soon. This past Spring Alix and I also met up with Ann and her ‘ol man’ for some Mongolian BBQ, once again it was nice to meet these people in the flesh. So far (knock on wood *KNOCK*) we’re batting .1000 for finally meeting sane, fresh and interesting people via WoW. It would be something if we could plan a get-together next year where we all meet up in one place…ideally I would LOVE IT if we could meet up at BlizzCon. While the idea of that maybe far fetched I think if we planned ahead and for some of us- saved up for the trip to Anaheim it would be a BLAST.

Alo and I visited my old street I grew up on where I ‘Big Wheeled’ and was street champion for 3 seasons– until they came out with “The Green Machine”. It’s low center of gravity was very unfair. We stopped by ‘Husker Heaven’ and realized it’s complete and utter BS they upmark prices by 300% when you can go to Bag-N-Save …and…save. We also stopped by what was my fav. rest in-town called ‘Venice Inn’ for some Prime Rib…while we got our favorite waitress named “Lynn” the rib was a little tough but very good times. It rained the first part of our trip, torrential rain imo but like Obama we ‘overcame’ with great adversity to make it our loft. Thank the lord.

My current WoW goal *since there is no current World Events going on is to get Ms. AK some rep under her epic belt(s) while tangoing with Wootbeer who recently earned her “Midsummer” title but hit level 74. Speaking of “DING” and Patrick– his other Druid hit 80 just a couple days ago. GRATZ! Now…don’t get me wrong but..why did you / do you have 2 level 80 Druids?





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4 responses to “Our Omaha Trip & Visiting Patrick/”Biegstvo”

  1. Patrick

    Well, to all who see these pictures, I had to wash my hair before hand because I was in a hurry and didn’t know where my claw was, and didn’t want tangly hair. These photos do not show the true soft silkiness of it.

    And it was Amy who invited me, when I was about level 63 on Biegstvo, in the inn in Zangarmarsh. Yes, I remember the location. lol I had first seen and quested with her(Laen) in HF Pen. around level 61.

    Thanks for posting the photos, though. We all do look pretty rad. 😀 lol

  2. I can so totally see that face with Patrick’s voice, glad you had a fun trip. As for meeting sane WoW players… nah just kidding, all the ones I know are pretty cool.

    Gratz on your 2nd 80 Biegs, I gotta get Recurve there soon (down to the last quarter of 75-76 currently).

    God Bless America… I’m outy

  3. froto

    you guys stop being so freaking tall! nice to put a face to voice. we should make a spot where you can like upload pics on the new site or whatever.

    Glad you guys had a good time!

    I always pictured you with a farmers hat or an apron patrick! i guess you left them at home.

    grats on 80 grats on last quarter of 75 – 76

    and grats on 74 midget tank?

  4. moondust

    Awesome pictures ak — Looks like you all had a great time.

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