Cowbell and How to Handle New Recruits

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I’m looking for some leads into picture hosting- a place where all guildies can have access to upload screenshots, random pictures. Ideally it would be linked up to this blog and our website. If you know of any please post here or catch me ingame. Oh..and it needs to be FREE.

I think recent additions to our guild – in the form of new recruits- seems to be working out well. Not too sure about our resident Australians as they get on late when most of us are logging off but hopefully they can find some synergy with their raiding schedules. I will be conducting blind invites again throughout this week. With that knowledge let me preface it with I bear zero, zilch, no responsibility what so ever for their tenure and attitudes. This is not science it’s chaos. I do ask that you relax and don’t get up in der faces with your chicken neck movements. Please take some time out of your WoW day and group up with some, help with quests, offer. One of the most frustrating things for new people to new guilds is that they don’t feel ‘wanted’. Our relationships or for lack of better words “Cliques” need to be more open to these new additions. I’m certainly not saying we aren’t friendly (we are) but a little extra effort on your end will go a long way in keeping quality players in this guild. I always try and tell them upfront that we are cool people but we call it how we see it when it comes to the guild being taken advantage of, so please don’t hesitate on your own call if you see potential disaster. No kid gloves but def. respect when it’s given back. Ok, I’m done pontificating.

Whose ready for OS!??!?!!!!!!!

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2 responses to “Cowbell and How to Handle New Recruits

  1. froto

    i use tat for making galleries and what not really cool flash album generator thingy too.

    is nice and convenient.

  2. froto

    nevermind looks like it costs money now. but apparently i still have an account for free? i love when that happens!!!!!

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