Daily Dose .005 & Latex!

Some new things have happened since the last Daily Dose. Soon, we can switch server factions, change our ‘looks‘ — be sure to take your screen shots of oyur self and friends before this happens! Level 20 mounts. Ingame Twitter client for WoW. A new PALADIN Q & APeggle for WoW…seems like the brand of WoW is far reaching, I’m waiting for Tampex to do an agreement for a line of Alliance and Horde Tampons….Tier 9 Preview Art/Gear mockups….and if you’ve never seen the interactive map of Northrend here it is!

Also– our resident Sam has entered into the fray of blogging. I added his blog on the roll this morning. Check it out!

Next week: planning on a daily *if time permits* guide to current helpful Add-ons. If you have some “Must Haves!” please reply with a link. It doesn’t have to be limited to ‘raiding’ type add-ons– simple ones that do nothing are good too. Also– be sure to SIGN UP on our new forums/website!!!!!! You get a negative -500 DKP if you don’t do it and your a top ranking occifer!!!!!  And my fav. latex Model will not spank you….

Bianca Beauchamp


Invasión en Rojo by I Love Bianca Beauchamp.


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  1. Essa gata-popozuda,Bianca Beauchamp é linda,deliciosa e sedutora,quando vejo pela Internet,com as roupas Latéx,fico cada vez mais excitado.

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