Too much to do…

I know I’m not the only one who thinks that there is too much to do in WoW (currently). Am I? I log in..rather I sit there at the character selection screen and look over 4-5 toons and think “what do I want to do now…” never “I’m bored I’ve done it all!” That’s a slice of what makes this particular game tick. Options. At this point in the game there are too many options to choose from and it’s gets to be overwhelming. I’ve said before this game is the perfect game for people with OCD and other conditions where repetitiveness occurs. It’s much worse. lol

I’ve read other blogs about how they’ve ‘reached the pinnacle’ or hit 80 and geared up in all purples and they complain theres nothing left to do. Really??? Come on…really?? If you think there’s nothing left to do then you really should stick to console games and the Wii. Go hit 9 home runs in Wii Sport……..

That poor excuse for lack of creativity falls upon those with the mindset that there’s an ending to this game. There’s not. This is the “Neverending Story…for real”. I understand if you get bored, burnt out or simply lose the fun of the game (I’ve done all three) but please don’t say you’ve ‘Done it All, Seen it All”. If that’s true then your Achievement Points better be over 9000. Here’s my short list of things to do ingame that you may have skipped.

  • Visit every Horde City and Fish in their ponds
  • Finish the EXPLORER achievement- all of them.
  • At level 80, go to deadmines and see if you can beat my clear of 5 mins 50 seconds.
  • Go get 15 exalted reputations.
  • Get 30 bg (each) tokens and get a PvP Mount
  • Go to Molten Core, ZG, AQ, Mags Lair, SSC. I dare you.
  • Kill BC’s Boss.
  • Go into WSGulch naked and run the flag. Better yet get some friends to go with you…naked.
  • Mind control a Horde off a Cliff. Rinse and Repeat to the same player…
  • Make your own guild and name it something original.
  • Get drunk.
  • Follow /follow some random person in a capital city.
  • If you have a lock, have a friend SPAM free summons to Dalaran. Have the lock located at the very bottom of the ocean or edge of cliff…..most people don’t LOOK before they click.
  • Jump from the mountains of IF and float all the way to Menthil Harbor (it can be done..)
  • Raid “The Crossroads” by yourself.
  • Run Naked through Undercity
  • Fish in Tanaris but not on the coast….
  • Give free runs to random nice people.
  • Give gold to newbies at the starting locations.
  • Kill Hogger solo at level 3. It can be done…
  • Do a full run of Kara with 5 people.
  • Kill Onxyia with 2 people…or solo it….
  • Make a female dwarf.
  • Spend an entire week helping out guildies with instances, quests.
  • Cook
  • Fish
  • Band Aid
  • Drink Noggenfogger Elixir….a lot.
  • Join an Arena Team & be humbled.
  • Attempt to win the STV Fishing Sunday Contest
  • Go explore and find ways into the ‘blocked’ areas of the map. You’ll see.
  • Teabag every race of the Horde and take screenies.
  • Make a chocolate cake.
  • Give buffs to everyone you see.
  • MC a horde and buff them.
  • Flirt.
  • Develop on online relationship with someone. Make it happen. Digital relationships are the new ‘black’.
  • Use a condom.
  • No really…you need to use some type of contraception and not the ol’ ‘pull out’ method..obviously it failed with you.
  • I’m kidding.
  • But really, you don’t know where they’ve been while you were raiding Naxx 25 man….
  • When the Horde are attacking your ‘Kings’– go defend for Christ’s sake! Sure there maybe 150 Horde and only 15 Alliance but dammit….do it.
  • Jumper Cable someone.

See these suggestions are the proverbial tip of the iceburg of things to do in WoW. I’ve done 80% of the list there….almost.



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3 responses to “Too much to do…

  1. Well, I for one come and go as I please, I do feel at times overwhealmed by the amount of content and need to take extended breaks from the game. But will it still be there when I get back? Of course it will. In fact it be even more overwhealming like a kid in a candy store feeling all over again. And once the room stops spinning and I thowup, I’ll go and and look at other games till my blood shuggar level comes back down to a safe level and the cravings start up again. ^_^

  2. I think there is a hell of alot to do but how much of it is actual fun? Alot of these things are added in as time sinks to get players to keep subscribing. I mean I grinded Netherdrake dailies for two weeks just to get a netherdrake…. was it fun? No it was boring and hellish but I always wanted one so did it. Again Achievements are timesinks

    Dont get me wrong the levelling game is great and the lore again is fantastic but after 80 what kind of character progression is there? grinding gear or the same instances just so you can look the same as the person next to you?

    I played WoW for 4 years and I can honestly say the only thing I will miss from it atm is my guild mates, In saying that I will no doubt return at some point, be it the next expansion or otherwise

  3. “Fun” is subjective and if one feels it’s “work” then they are maybe needing a break. It’s understood in WoW that one ‘grinds’ vs. instant gratification, it’s part of THE game. I loathe grinding rep – which is why I don’t have a Drake yet 50% of our 80’s do. MMO’s in itself ARE Timesinks— if we want to get down the nitty gritty, if you are playing an MMO you are essentially wasting time…however that ‘time’ is also subjective, what’s of value to YOU?

    As for character progression at 80?? Really?? That depends on your play style…how long did it take you to get to 80? Few weeks? Months? I still have to cap fishing, get all the cooking recipes, I need more Badges so I can get the legacy gear….list goes on and on.

    I also agree 99%– my friends/guild mates is what keeps me going in my down time of WoW.

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